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Does this installment shed any light on books one and two? I thought the first book was okay, but number two was really atrocious. Thinking maybe 0.5 will help me understand number 2? And no, I haven't read three yet because two was just so bad...

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Sasha If you found book 2 atrocious, book 3 won't be any better. I thought 0.5 a bit too spoiler-y if you are going to read it before 3. The new characters are not any more imaginative than the ones we already have and you can draw clear parallels between them and the ones from books 1-3 (especially the main characters Mark and Trina -> Thomas and Teresa). If I hadn't purchased book 3 and 0.5 together with book 2, I definitely would've stopped.

When you read the prequel it just shows again that the world of the Maze Runner just sort of spiraled out of proportion, like the author was trying to find a reason behind everything that happened in first book. It just didn't add up, made no sense whatsoever and well...I did not like it. It's not to say that there weren't good parts to it: It's fast paced and creepy and has you reading the whole thing in no time, but my problem was really the reason behind it all and the characters that just had no depth whatsoever.

My comment comes a bit late so maybe you have already had the chance to read it and make up your mind. Either way, I hope if you did get to read it, that your disappointment wasn't as big as mine.

skippity_doo Not really. If you want a well written post-apocalyptic novel, read The Dog Stars instead.
Anne Martin the third one is worse! and you don't learn anything... I don't have the strength to read a fourth one. In the prequel, you learn the flare virus was used to kill half of the survivors, because ( I guess) there was not enough food for them all. Do not ask me why, as it does not make sense. The virus mutated and you know what happened. 300 pages for that? yes, that is what he wrote. You will see people fighting everything, again and again. The prequel is worse than any other one.
Emma You will understand things more if you read them all, the prequel basically sheds light on the disease itself and when the sun flares destroyed the world. It may help you understand more about the disease.

If your wanting to know about the books charcters (the charcters from books one two and three) then only the prologue and epilogue tell you a small snippet about their life before the maze.

Hopefully it will shed light on it for you but you might want to read all the books first. However for me the prequel helped me understand a bit more.
Saatvik Book 1 is good. Brenda Came and ruined books 2 and 3 for us.
Ava I liked the 3rd book more then the 2nd one, that's for sure. But It still hadn't explained A LOT and the ending is.. not complete for me.
I have just started the 4th book, and I don't know what to think about it yet.
I liked the 1st book the most, then the 3rd, 2nd and will see about the 4th one, but I feel it won't be the best ever.
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