Catherine asked:

Is anyone re-reading the first two books in the series before reading Edge of Eternity?

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Connie I I started Edge without re-reading the other two and it's fine. There are a couple of charts in the front that outline the characters so it helps one remember. Plus he refers to their relationship links early on so I haven't had any difficulty picking up the story. So far this book is terrific!
Matt You can also go review a "cheat sheet" of sorts on Follett's website. I've found them helpful. They have lists of characters, etc.
Sarah They are too huge to reread! Luckily for me, I only read them both a few months ago - but from memory he gives you a fairly good idea of what happened before during the course of the next book anyhow. Can't wait for it to come out!
Adele I think I'll need to but that will take a while!
Rebecka McShannon Me.. I'm an avid re-reader and will be ready for book three when it hits the shelves.
Matthew Yes I did . I have done this in the past with "The Clan Of The Cave " books. And Ken Follett's books on 13 th. centenary England
Cathy Williamson I wish my memory to detail was better. After starting Edge, I went back to number one-only I listen on Audible and really enjoy many of my relistens.
Graeme Waymark Not necessary at all.
Rachel I did, yes. Well, listened to them, the audiobooks are excellent.
Karl I'm reading Edge of Eternity without re-reading either of the first two books, and have found it no trouble at all picking the story lines up again.
It's a little jarring, at first, when a character last seen as a child in the preceding book is now grown because of the passage of time between the two books. But any confusion is minor and passes quickly, and without detriment to the story line.
Linda Duschl I am so excited about the release of this book. I am already totally engrossed in it. I was afraid that I would not remember the characters that carry forth from the previous two books but Ken Follett is a master at weaving in enough subtle reminders that they all come right back to life as a backdrop for developing the story of their descendants. He is an author that never disappoints.
Angie I'm almost finished Winter of the World for the second time. I wanted to get back into the characters, so I started over.
Catherine I am up to chapter 15 of Edge of Eternity and am enjoying it quite a lot. I am glad re-read book 2 just for more familiarity with the history of the current players. It is probably not essential due to cues but I am glad I did.
Meecee I re-read the first part before the second and I was just wondering if I should re-read part 1 and 2 before reading part 3 but I decided not to. I guess if I stop reading now and then and concentrate very hard on the characters it will come back to me eventually.
Renan Martins carvalho I'm not doing that at all because it feels like you don't have to remember the details to get into the story of the edge of eternity. Of course I remember who were some key characteres in the past story, but that's it. Ken Follet sure did put that into thought when he was writing this book. He knows his fans were waiting anxiously for a while for this book to come. Anyway I've completed 10% of the book hitherto and it hasn't been a problem to me the fact that I read the Winter of the World a year ago.
Terry I am re-reading both books. At present I am 70% through book 2. Also I thought book 1 was better then book 2.
I have read a lot of Ken Follett and the quality does vary a lot. For instance 'Key to Rebecca' was 100% better then 'Whiteout'.
What now for Ken?
Ian Yes, both my wife and myself have re-read both books (well almost finished Book 2). For us this has been extremely beneficial and also most enjoyable a second time around. Now really longing for Edge of Eternity's release.
Harriet Puterman No. I have a friends who is currentlyreading the 2nd book (which I didn't like as much as the first). I can always as her. But he usually gives some kind of review to help the reader remember past events.
Nerrel Loader Too big to re-read for me. I can hardly wait for this book to hit the shelves. I feel like I've waited such a long time.
Phoebe Yes! I already reread the first book, but now I have to hurry to reread the second. I didn't think this one was coming out until November!
Charlotte-Marie I have read the first two and have been waiting for this one - Edge of Eternity. I can hardly wait!
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