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Janet If you have read the book carefully, it's made clear in the book that it was Frank, although he may not have intended to kill her. It's said over and over that he helped build the new houses and do the gardens. The mad woman witnessed it by accident - she happened to wander into the house.
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Kamran Rahman
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Katerina I think it was Frank - either drunk and hit her with the birds tank or Sukey tripped on something while they were fighting and hit her head. He had not intended it. I think he regretted it truly and missed Sukey and that's why he was going after Maud and wanted her to tell him stories.
Judy Maguire Is it possible that maud loved Frank and killed Sukey?
Larry After reading the comments here and other reviews an synopsis of the book... all I can say is don't watch the movie. Depressing, confusing and slow at times, flashbacks that have little or no back story.. The only redeeming thing about it was Jackson's performance. Award winning!! If you can take the differences between the book and the movie, it's worth the watch just to see her performance.
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Miss Bookiverse I thought it might have been Maud because at the end when she's at the beach with Helen she remembers being burried in the sand by Sukey and her burrying Sukey and how she got mad that she couldn't move anymore and she wanted Sukey to feel the same way... so maybe someone else killed Sukey and Maud just burried her but it also might've been Maud herself. I wish this had been explored a bit more. It never felt like Maud was especially jealous of Sukey, she seemed very fond of her sister in fact.
Hayley I think it would be too obvious to have been Frank. I think it was the mad woman or even Maud herself perhaps through jealousy
Karen Frank killed Sukey, the madwoman who was always peaking in at the window witnessed it, and Maude understood but couldn't face it. My question is exactly what happened to Elizabeth? Did she fall in the night going to help Maude who was digging for the compact and Maude couldn't remember, so lay there for days until Maude finally found her? Elizabeth's son blamed Maude.
Sue Drenth I was just left confused....was it even Maud herself who killed Sukey? The obvious conclusion was Frank, the slightly less obvious Douglas and his mother the Mad Woman. I really want to work it out!!
Suzanne Since she knew where to dig and found the blue and silver compact does that mean she did it?
Marsha Papanek
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Laura Graham
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Liz I think the mad woman killed Sukey, Douglas spent the rest of his life feeling guilty and paranoid of what had happened as he was ashamed of his mother’s condition. As the mad woman’s own daughter had died she harboured an obsession about Sukey. She often intimidated her, one night she lost it, hit out & killed Sukey and Douglas buried the body hoping it would never be discovered that his mother was in such a state to do it. I’m still not sure about Frank but I think he may have been there too and he and Douglas both knew hence their constant swipes at each other. Both acted strange because of the guilt. Frank sobbed when he heard the mad woman had died. Maybe it was relief she’d finally gone and couldn’t remind them anymore. A ticking time bomb. What a great book!
mrs cathryn westwood
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Kelly B
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Cat O'brien Surely Douglas is a possibility. Always skulking around, selling all his things and moving to America and staring at her wantonly. My bets and hopes are on him. I don't know why, but he is a creepy character. I suppose that's the point. But still, he either knew where she was buried and didnt say anything or he did it - with the comment about the new houses and things being buried right under your feet..m
Lola Perry Frank but the ending confused me. Maud buries her? Was that memories overlapping or her being jealous of Sukey so relives her imaginary revenge?
Andrea I thought maybe it was the mad woman?
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