Gabe asked:

what is hobbes, a figment of calvin's imagination or magic?

Kateřina What do you mean? He's a tiger.
Sydney Bill Watterson (The creator of the strip) said that he is neither; he is just Hobbes, and Calvin sees him one way while the rest of the world sees him another.
Julia I believe Bill Watterson described it like this: Hobbes is not a stuffed tiger that magically comes alive whenever Calvin is around, nor is he a figment of Calvin's imagination. As demonstrated in the drawings, Hobbes is differently interpreted by the characters. To Calvin, he is a fierce tiger who is also his best friend; this is why, when he converses with Calvin, Hobbes looks like an anthropomorphic tiger. To every one else, from Susie to Calvin's parents, Hobbes is just a stuffed tiger. Hobbes represents how people are able to see one thing in so many different ways, and no one way is correct.
Cheesy-Cat Hobbes is Calvin's Tiger teddy but he pretends he is an actual tiger.
Jeffy hobbes is calvin's imagination. the adults don't see him come alive.
i like calvin and hobbes cuz i'm a kid.
Chris Caughey I think a bit of both since his wisdom and folly makes him his own character separate from the almost maniacal little boy Calvin whom he interacts and plays with daily.
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