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I read a lot of YA books, would anyone recommend this book?

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Victor Madsen The short answer is 'Yes. Yes, I would.'
The longer answer is this: The Night Circus is a wonderful book. It has a very ethereal feel to it the whole way through which makes for beautiful visuals and a deliberate sense that while you're in that world, you're on a different plane of existence.
There's nothing graphic, brutal, or disturbing, but there are parts that are inescapably sinister - and this is by design.
The structure is not linear, but that's not really an issue if you're paying attention.
The book may even have a YA feel to you if that's what you read more often than not, but there are more layers to The Night Circus than you would initially think, so keep that in mind.
Kaaren Nafar No, I don't. The idea is admirable, the prose is almost great, but the story is...meh.

It gets boring at so many points, and I only finished it because of the almost great prose, not because I found anything particularly interesting in it.

There are so many unnecessary elements and pointless chapters, I almost lost count. I do not whatsoever recommend this book to anybody.

Note: If you like poetic and fancy descriptions, give it a try. But read only 50 pages of it. Because the novelty wears off and you'll start banging your head against the book or vice versa, begging for it to be over.

Oh, and there is so much creativity in this book that it makes you wanna vomit.
Marion This is a wonderful book, but it is not YA. It is richly layered, with detailed, sophisticated writing. This is not a quick easy read, but one that requires thinking. It is definitely worth it.
Pipkia This is possibly the most amazingly bizarre magical young adult book you will ever read. And yes, you WILL read it, because it is also absolutely brilliant and reading it is like getting caught up in a labyrinth of magic and beauty that you never want to leave.
Kim I agree with Victor...this a wonderfully written story a la 20th century literature. It is not of the style of paranormal /urban fantasy written now (think mortal Instruments series).
It is a slow build intricate story that weaves all characters to a final finish. It uses different literary devises to immerse the reader into this world. The love story is beautiful and a little sad. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read a good book.
Mari No. Its your totally typical Cyberpunkish romance. With your typical Mary Sue heroine. You know the type that is spirited, and modern, and finds men unnecessary, but everyone falls in love with her anyhow because she is so prim but sassy. Skip it. Its like a sixteen yr old goth girls attempt at writing.
Grace Some may find the book a bit slow for yong adults, but for me it's magical. There're are a lot of visual descriptions that simply draw you into the book.
Chiara Pereira This book is amazing. If you like metaphors and description you should defiantly read it. Its not a book you can leave for a week and then pick up at the same point, but it is beautiful.
Martine No. I want the hour or so I spent reading it back. If you like fancy descriptions of pointless settings, you may like it. The writer, who I am certain dies her hair black, gave about a million black and white descriptions of stuff. The candles were white, the flame was silver, the dress was black, the skin was pale, blah, blah, blah...If you actually want interesting characters with depth, run like hell. I think I stopped mid reading and said "What? NO one would do/say something like that!" about five times before I dropped it.
The most sad thing about it is the attempt to give it a Victorian feel by using words like "preposterous" and "insufferable". Actually made me want to vomit.
Mary Yes! It is a beautifully written story...magical, with love throw in. It takes you on a journey, and the mystery is shown to you a little at a time.
Dũng Anh I'm reading it every day. Forget to eat, forget to sleep
Greg I think this is a perfect example of a book that should have been marketed to Young Adults in the first place. It's slightly odd, but there is nothing here that would be "offensive" to any reader, really. It reminds me a little of Carlos Ruiz Zafon's "Marina" which was marketed as a YA book.
Theodore Arthur
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Jeanne Mixon I think I would have liked it better if I was a teenager if that's the question. It seemed much more YA than adult to me.
Ahmed Hagi Would I recommend The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern?
The Night Circus is about two competitors battle in an illusionist competition, but instead of competing against one other they fall in love. The Night Circus is a New York Times bestseller in 2011. The Book display phenomenal visual description and makes the reader feels as if they are in within the scene. This is the case because Erin Morgenstern who is the author is also an artist so she able to greatly describes scene within the novel. Although the visual description is unbelievably good the author kept describing the same scenes continuously within the book. For example, The author Erin Morgenstern would describe the black and white tents in the circus constantly throughout the book. The visual descriptions also distract the reader from other important aspects of a novel such as the plot.
Sometimes while reading the novel I would get distracted by the scenery but and not focus on the storyline. The story also has countless unnecessary chapter which is not really relevant to the plot itself. For example, all those chapters about Herr Friedrich Thiessen and his Fan Club were pretty much pointless toward the plot.
The thing I believe I enjoyed the most about this book is the characters. Lots of minor character within the book have a small but important impact on the plot. For example, a character Tsukiko, who at first at first was thought to be just a simple contortionist within the circus had a much larger impact on the plot than expected near the end of the novel.
Would I recommend the Night Circus, well it depends on who I’m recommending it too? If your someone who enjoy visual descriptions and a very slow but amusing plot this is the novel for you. Likewise, if your someone like me who doesn’t enjoy a slow pace storyline with tons of unnecessary chapters then this is not the novel for you.

T.HiggsReviews No. It's one of the worst books I've ever read. It had so much promise but it didn't capitalise on any of it.

There's insta-love which I hate and while the author us great at writing locations/settings (I really felt like I was there) but despite this that skill doesn't transfer to writing characters and I read all the way through and couldn't for the life of me care about any of the characters at all and usually I'm straight in there either loving or hating characters but the characters in The Night Circus provoked absolutely no emotional response from me at all which had never happened before I read it or since.

It had so much promise and that's why I found it such a disappointment.
Yash of course i would, its too beautiful a tale not too.
Anya Yes I do..though keep the book takes place over 30+ years, so we see the characters since they are little until they are adults. Not quite sure if you only read YA for the age group, but I still highly recommend The Night Circus. Also, this book does not include many tropes that most YA books include.
Prytanias I loved this book, but it's definitely not for a YA audience. I don't think there will be enough happening. It wont move fast enough for a YA enthusiast.
Ari I would recommend it if you like fast-paced, easygoing books with a touch of romance.
Anne Yes, it won the ALA Alex award of 2011. This award is where books that are written for adults have a special appeal for YA - 12 to 18 years old. Ten books are selected each year.
Zubaer Ali
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MaryTR If you really really really like circuses, and over the top descriptions, then this book is definitely your cup of tea. Otherwise, look for something that actually has a plot.
Anna Smith Yes! I love YA books especially ones set in the 1800's/1900's. So definitely read!
Mommooshka This is not classified as YA at my library I don't think it should be. It is complex and fascinating, but not fast moving nor a traditional love story as most YA books are. It is very atmospheric and explores the world of true magic, not tricks. It also creates a complex web of characters that beautifully interconnect and mesh together over the course of the book. And I love that it emphasizes the importance of stories in our lives. I enjoyed it immensely.
Eric Martin Yes, I think it is beautifully written. That being said, there are some things that flat out don't make sense and the ending of the book is just strange.
Willa Valentine (paper.seas) Yes.

YA books have a lot of the same thing; they don't quite feel like different and you expect similar plots. But if you start out this book after reading YA books, then it will come as even more of a surprise to read a book as stunning as this.
Luciana YES!!!!! It is magic, captivating and unique.
Olivia If you like reading books with cool atmospheres and fantasy settings and can get over main characters that aren't very interesting, go for it. But if you're expecting a deep, epic love story between deep, epic main characters, I'd say no. It advertises itself as a romance but really, its not. However, it's a really layered adult fantasy with time line and (sporadic) POV jumps. If you're into fantasy and can get over a weak, almost non-existent romance, please go for it. I really enjoyed it.
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