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Does it seem believable?

Dori Not to me, nope. While reading this book I felt like the kid was simply a pawn being used for his father's own agenda.
And in response to Cathy's previous answer that the kid had recanted - no, he didn't. She's thinking of as different kid from a different book who said he went to heaven but recently recanted. Colton Burpo still maintains its all true, which i'm sure his brainwashed head really believes
Christopher Nilsson The idea that Christianity is the only true religion is an arrogant claim. Also, no. It seems made up just like previous books like this where the writer later comes out and admits they made the whole thing up.
Maria It's BS. Way for his father to make money. And yes he did recant. It was him. I heard him on the Sean Hannity show on the radio. Colton Burpo said it was all made up, at the urging of his father. I hope they move it to the fiction or fantasy book shelf where it belongs.
Nora aka Diva No, not at all. The so-called things the kid "couldn't" know he most likely over heard. People do not realize how much kids hear and remember. His father was a preacher as well. The story sounds made up from an overly preached at child's imagination.
NO NAME NONE yes!!!! after losing so many loved ones, I feel comforted.
Dalton Yes I believe what happened to the book was real
Samantha According to snopes Alex Malarky recanted his story The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven: A True Story. It also says these two are often confused.
Kanan Jarrus Yes 100%, The power of God is everlasting
Claudia No, just no. No.
Maggie Yes yes yes yes yes. I wholeheartedly believe that every single thing in this book happened.
Sam Not to me, but that's just me. Felt like the author just went on and on about describing his shock and confusion and the surprising things his kid said... could've cut the book in half to be honest, with the same message. Too preachy for my taste.
Art Before I read this book, I heard stories similar to Colton. Things that I can't make up, and stories by people who I know have NO hidden agenda. I absolutely believe it to be true!
Sandra Nedopričljivica It's not important any more, if we believe it or not, science has proven that's true. After many researches about "near death experience" on kids, even doctors had admitted it.
Cathy DuPont No one has mentioned the fact that the little boy has recanted?
Christine Pffft. NO. It is total fanfiction.
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Penelope This is a book we all WANT to believe. I personally do believe in heaven and hell.But , I'm a skeptic as to why a book and movie were made. Why wouldn't A true believer of Christ include Biblical instructions to get to heaven at least as a footnote in the back. very sweet and yes, comforting book.
John David All I can say is that I became a believer overnight. The way it happened is inexplicable using common sense or science in any sort of way. Therefore, I so totally believe this and will continue, as such, to my dying day.
Michael Pantelis I believe it! but I have to make a note here that after reading many of the comments on this thread... there are so many ugly and meanspirited people out there. The comment they write are soulless and it reminds me of just why this world is as it is. Jesus will come back one day and I pity those that will not be able to enjoy the beauty of heaven.
Landon Yes very much so, because with God anything is possible
Flávio Pereira Emma, i shouldnt say this but there are milions of stories like this and are all true.

The question is not if they are believable, the problem is that the father shouldnt neither have ways to write it, even being a priest (or similar)

According to religious secrecy if a representative of god does books like this or uses stories he heard to have financial benefits he can be expelt from every church or town he religously represent.

Im not gonna speak in souls and stuff, even if i had to explain my point but stories based on god touches or god show offs like in portugal the appearance of Jesus Mom have a ilegal side that is never considered if they are written.

Elizabeth I say it's believable!
Angelina Yes it is believable, and I strongly believe with all my heart it is true. People may claim, out of their own arrogant feelings, that this person is making it up. However, he went through a lot to get the news out. That shows his dedication. After researching about it and reading the book, I strongly believe the book is written based on an event that actually happened.
Shelby I fell that this book is being truthfully. I just finished it earlier and I loved it WAY more than the movie. I am the only one in my family that goes to church and so my mom thought it would bone cool to get movies like "God's Not Dead" and books like "Heaven Is For Real". So yes,I fell that the author,Todd Burpo, put this book in some amazing words. So their is my opinion. I have been reading a lot of other reviews and they claim that this is a untruthful. But I believe that this is a great book,and I fell that this really is a true story. Others say different,and that is okay. You can believe in whatever you what ever you want. But I believe that this is all true.
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