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I keep putting this book down :( Will it get better or is it just me?

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Atheda It really won't, unless you appreciate Mary Sues and their cliché life stories and so forth. That's my own opinion though and there are plenty of people out there that will tell you the opposite. In the end, you might have to read it to see if it is worth reading or not. Cheers!
Nerece Havern You will honestly fall in love with this book like it will suck you in and you will never EVER regret reading this masterpiece
Tucks No. No, it will not.

Stay far away if you can.
Meggy Jung this book was the reason why i'm now addicted to reading novels.
i don't know but maybe it's not your genre but i swear to you it gets better.
must read book. life changing for me!
Jem Probably not. If you decide that it's just not that good, but you still like it, then it might become a little more engaging. For me, it was pretty poor writing, but I can't just leave a book half read, so I finished it.
It was ok. Cool story, interesting plot twists, but average Y Fiction type writing style.
Amazy NO Im telling you it gets better. when i first picked it up it it was just dragging along book that you just cant see the point the point off i definitely think Clare should have started it better but once you really get into the core of the book boy you gonna want to read the following 5
Lucy well, city of bones is a bit confusing, but you must read up to 3rd book to get the shock. personally start with the infernal devices. better than TMI (if its even possible) and easy book with shadowhunters and sarcasm. go for TID and see if you like it. if so, it will give you the push to try again with TMI
Mahin Hamidi YES IT GET'S SO MUCH BETTER! I personally saw the movie and then started reading from book 2: City of Ashes. But I borrowed the first book from a friend and did notice how it seems to drag on. By the end though, you know some things a bout the characters and their personalities, so I think the first book is just a way of explaining shadowhunters, downworlders and the characters. But trust me when I say that by the time you have completed this series, you will be so overwhelmed and crying. IT'S JUST AMAZING! KEEP GOING!
Katharine Don't listen to anyone unless they are telling you EXACTLY what I'm going to: It took me three days to finish this book, because it was so damn addictive I could not put it down. I have recommended it to almost every student in my school (big school) and about half the teachers. It is funny, it is romantic, it is action, it is supernatural and it is the best book series I have ever read in my entire life; which has essentially been spent reading books. Cassandra Clare is a god to readers, and her books are her gifts to the human race. The Mortal Instruments basically conveys that to us-they are The Mortal Instruments (read the book). I have spent my nights crying with and to and because of these characters, at their poorly and not so made decisions, and I have had to stop reading because I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. I was mortified when I ended the series, and think about it every day of my life. It ripped out my heart, tore it to shreds, threw it in the oven and served it with boysenberries in a pie. So yes, you should definitely keep reading because if you don't, I will find you and tie you down to a chair and force you too read it without tissues to wipe away your tears because you WILL cry. And another thing, what chapter are you on? Because if your only on chapter one, that should very well be enough to get you hooked.
shainitiate it's terrible. i needed a whole year to finish it. it's by far the worst book i've ever read.
Sakshi Agarwal In the first book the characters haven't developed that much. But trust me this book gets addictive. Till the last book you will fall in love with these characters. And trust me this book is going to you a terrible book hangover. :D :)
Izzy BEST BOOK SERIES EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep reading and you will be hooked!
Kayla If you watch the movie first, the book seems slow since it takes so much longer for the plot to advance. Then suddenly it speeds up, and you're flying through this amazing series.
Sharda Moonasar Is the book of city of bones good to read
Josie There are two girls in my class who are obsessed with the series, but when my friend read the first one, they put it down and said it wasn't interesting. Also, the writing is very poor. Read something like Cinder or Red queen for good writing.
Adi No, it will not get better. Sorry.
Ava Conway You will never put it down after you finish City of Bones,the rest are wayyy better.Please don't put it down
Janice Mundee The books start slow, but if you stick with it, you will love them. Many interesting entanglements and plot twists and danger lurking around every corner. It's a great escape book for a lazy afternoon. I also like the fact that some characters are gay, but they do not receive undue awkward attention to the fact that they are gay. I also like the romantic subplots....
Joanne I really liked the book because it is my favourite genre and I like the way Clare (author) describes different things in the book...The first book is really slow but it gets faster towards the end and then you can easily flow through the series. I loved it as much as the prequel and everything was awesome about the book! believe me I was as stuck as you when I started it but now I love it!
Hope you enjoy the book as much as me !! Sry for the late reply :)
James Thomas The only way this book would get better is if you got lobotomized.
Jessica Izard I used to keep putting the book down, and I couldn't get past the first chapter or so, but when I finally got into it, it changed my life! I've never gone back after finishing the first book, and neither will you :) (hopefully)
Joedy The first book to me seemed a bit... dry. The characters were quite static and inconsistent, and the plot was slow and felt as if it was dragging and had no real purpose. But I was drawn to this book because of the interesting worlds and the potential for character growth. And it does get better, especially when you get into the second and third books. The worldbuilding becomes incredibly believable and the characters grow to be very convincing and complex. Overall, I can understand your frustrations with the first book, as I feel it is the worst of the series. But it is definitely a series worth reading, as the plot and characters have incredible arcs towards the main parts of the series and most of their static personalities are expanded upon in creative and unpredictable ways. There are lots of incredible twists and turns (especially in the third book- which is my current favorite) and the storytelling becomes very compelling and the character interaction is genius. I would recommend you stick with it, because it does get better, and the slow setup of the plot and the characters becomes worth it later on, as you will understand what the author is trying to convey more.
Jennifer Kinnison Let's just say I'm glad this was a library Kindle/Overdrive borrow and I didn't spend anything for it specifically (not counting the county/local library tax, which I gladly pay for the good of all).
Amrita Mishra Nope. It isn't getting any better. Drop it for your own good.
Cornelius Person I thank it all for how in why you start reading in the first place. If you keep putting down this book. This book might not be good for you or you could not like an urban fantasy as a genre I can tell you that the series get better as the book goes on. Book 4&5 you just have to get throw. Because of cliche in character action, in mary sues the book's can dragging but Clare gets better as a writing and her style in book 6 the series’ final of the mortal instruments The infernal device book this good and I can say that I read like the love triangle in this book's because each person get a book about them self but it also connect to them in the people around them to. Her new book the dark artifices I have seen the review on youtube in people are saying they love the book's I have not read the book but I will get to when the three one come out.
Cristal Yes its the best book ever
Anna Smith You will fall in love with this book! The series are amazing, it will get better, I promise you! Please keep reading, won't disappoint!
Ashley C Nah, just quit wasting your time on this book. It's just a bunch of annoying characters and a really cliche plot. Do yourself a favor and don't read it.
Kim Harraf If you just really can't stand Clary, no.
Zara Olsen It is boring at the begging but you will fall in love wit the book. Trust me
Lila Wayne Well, to you if it seems like you're getting all messed up and confused with what all the different humanoids are and what all is happening, trust me, try watching the movie of City of Bones first. Because, the entire story is in a much simpler form in the movie than through the book XD
Amber Crabb (Walker) This being he first book in the series takes a little getting used to. The plot itself is a little odd. I personally like the later books. In saying this I believe that the prequel series *Infernal Devices*Is written better and has had way better plots.
Yvonne Jong If you put it down you will HONESTLY regret.
Javita Hey, It's not just you. I had SOME troubles with the book. I'm not saying its bad, but I had a lot of stuff going outside of books. It is an Amazing book. Anyone who agrees is beyond right. Maybe you put it down because you might have different tastes or something. Some parts are kind of slow, but if you push through the end and enjoy this amazing literature, then I guarantee you will love it.
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Andrew For me, this wasn't a book where it starts slow and then grabs you. I was hooked from the beginning. In other words, it won't get better, but I didn't need it to. Hope you find something you like.
0mar no please throw it in the garbage asap
Fuyuanzhen same here, struggling for two monthes now, god, why did i buy it without looking into in....
Maya Old question but would like to weigh in anyway haha! NO, it's not worth it. There is incest, which is quite disturbing and keeps being ignored for some reason 🤮 There's not really any plot (about 300 pages of Shadowhunters chasing after an irrelevant rat, for example).
Luna Lovegood is there anyone who loves this series as much as me?
CRTalks Some people have a hard time getting through the first two books, but after City of Glass, they're hooked. I personally love all of the books in this series, but for those who don't, at least read through City of Glass.
Natalie Ho What is so AWESOME about the Shadowhunter world and Cassandra Clare is that I AM INVESTED IN THESE CHARACTERS!!!!!!!! :D
These Shadowhunter books are my favorite books series of all time. How all the books and characters are connected makes me believe in everything that happens and love every single character. Please don't end my fantasy with The Wicked Powers Cassandra Clare! I'm pleading with you. :(
To all the haters, read all her books. Once you finish the City of Bones series and read all the other ones, it just gets better and better and bettterrrrrrrr. How she weaves all her series together is M A G I C. period
ferguson (winston’s version) Personally, I really like the series, but it could be the nostalgia. But, I didn't really enjoy the main girl until the third book. The plot, I think really improves but I wouldn't force yourself to get through. If you really want to give it a second chance, The Infernal Devices - a prequel series for the Shadowhunters Chronicles - has always been noted to be better than City of Bones and really shows Cassandra Clare improving as an author. Maybe give those books a try before giving up. (:
CeRt1f1eDNeRd If you liked Harry Potter then this book will definitely appeal to you.
None-Ya-Business It's kinda a love-hate situation. Just try to finish it and if you absolutely can't it's okay, it's not perfect for everyone. But, if you do finish it, you will not regret it!
Amarra Skye No, it won't. I tried to read this when it first came out and gave up on it, but when I fell in love with the show I deiced to try it again and couldn't get into it. It's a must miss.
~☆~Autumn♥♥☔ I finally finished it but it was just because I wanted to do all the neverending quiz questions for it.
Alexa M. This is such a late comment! Maybe you've already read it at this point, but the truth is that I see this book as a mere introduction to this series. I was a bit bored in this book too. It was somewhat interesting, but I felt like there was no real thing to pull me in. I decided to read more into the series because at the time I had nothing better to do (lol) and it's actually the other books in the series that made me stay.
Graveyard Girl I'd suggest reading the Wikipedia article on all the books in the series. That way you save yourself the pain and boredom, as I did, and you know what it's all about.
Zay (Sorry for answering 4 years later) It will get better, I felt that way when I was starting too, but now I cant put it down.
Parker Blair It is a little slow at first, but if you sit down for a good length of time and let yourself feel the mood of confusion and peril then you're heading to the right place. Eventually you will LOVE it if Fantasy Drama is your genre.
Danielle It's about the same amount of dullness and unoriginal story as Divergent and Hunger Games (which is very much a blatant copy of Battle Royale).

I'm sorry if you read this book.
Katsu It gets better, trust me
Unendless.Pages I know that. I had that too. I wasn´t "in" that story and it didn´t get better at the following books. So I stopped reading them. But I´ll try to read Clockwork Angels and see if that´s better. Don´t force yourselfe to read this book.
Katie Wow. I couldn't put the book down. Best series I've ever read. Ever.
Bubbles Ok so for me, I found that when I was reading this series it became a lot better up to the third book (which was amazing, in my opinion). But then I felt that I was kind of disappointed with the series as it continued, and I felt like I definitely didn't like the fourth and fifth books as much. I felt like they kind of dragged the series on a bit. But it is a good series, and I wouldn't put it down if I were you.
Reva Trivedi Of course I can't tell you that this book will get better if you read on. As you know, everyone will have different opinions on this book. For me though, I fell in love as soon as I started. This book was so addictive, I kept wanting more.
So if you don't find it good and you keep putting it down, it's completely understandable and might just mean you have a different taste.
Seth Elder This is possibly the worst written book I have ever encountered. Tried to read it twice, and couldn't get past like 20 pages.
layla | ليلى It will get better. Trust me.
Emily Masinelli Honestly, I accidentally started with the second book of the series but after finishing the series, I went back to the first. The other books will suck you in!! I LOVED the whole series and have read it twice, along with her other series, The Infernal Devices. But, this is just my opinion.. Read it for yourself and try it out
Alexia When most of the positive comments here contain typos or other errors...
it gives you pretty good insight of the book's fanbase.
Mikaela S One of the best series I've read.
Raven Omg. pls keep reading. it will change your life. the first 2 books are..meh. but get to glass and u will be mindblown. trust me.
Mattie Yesssss!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with this series just keep reading,tbh i dont know how anyone could not love it but again everyone has there own personal opinion
Courtney Maybe it's because I watched the movie and TV show first but I am 26 and loved the whole series getting ready to read the last book now and have read all the Infernal Devices books.
Stars I myself think it was boring in the beginning but it did get better
Vanessa I didn't like it at first but after I finished the book I HAD to finish the series
fan girl I think you are probably at the beginning it gets way better
Hurain give it a chance. That's what i always do and most of the time i don't really regret it :)
Paige Williamson The book gets better over time I had the same problem in the beginning so don't worry or maybe its not the book for you who knows let yourself decide and if you don't like it there are plenty of other great books out there so take your time and I hope you do grow to like it as I did
C. Scott Kippen Finished it. No, it will not get better.
Macey Najeeb Will definitely get better. It depends how far in you are already. I think a hundred pages in is when it will really pick up. I recommended it to my brother who said exactly the same thing but he enjoyed it after persevering through the slow beginning!! Carry on reading, it gets better I assure you
Shannon I actually had trouble starting the book. I found that watching some of the show really helped me get into them. Simon is bae.
Imogen That's interesting. I use to hate reading until I came across this book. I don't know why, I just felt I could almost relate to how Clary was feeling. I certainly didn't find it boring, though at the beginning when all the characters were being introduced, it may have be quite boring to read. But once the story really starts, it is great! Just keep at it. It may not be for you, but I love the series. LOTS OF PLOT TWISTS!!
Solana I had a hard time reading it to begin with, BUT when I got past a certain point, I was hooked and just kept on going to the end.
Bailey C When I first started reading this book, for months I would go through a cycle of reading the first chapter, hating it, putting it down for a while, and then picking it back up. One day, I randomly got into it, which was aided by one of my friends who's read the entire series promising me that there were canon gay characters. It was a motivation for me, because I don't know that many representative books. Find your own motivations to start reading and once you do, I promise you won't regret it. This is one of the greatest series I've read in awhile.
Cady I have read the whole series at least three times. Infernal Devices and Lady Midnight are good as well. You have to get to the second or third book to really appreciate the series.
Kylie I love the world. I want to be invested. But damn, the writing is so goddamn high school fanfiction I just can't get into it.
Alexia Try watching the movie, it pretty much summarizes the book
Lacey The entire series is amazing. At first I was like that too, but the farther I read, the more observed I became. I've now read every book Cassandra Clare has written.
Nicole I'm in the same boat...just started reading it but for some reason the dialogue is bugging me. Reading the comments below may push me to keep reading.
Sydneyct912 I thought it was really good. In fact I've been dying to get my heads on The City of Ashes, it was so good.
Nevaeh Covell Yes it will get better when you get into it more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dunstan That happened with me the first two times I tried reading this book. A few years later I gave it another try and I fell in love with the series. The book has a few good surprises, especially later in the series that I think people will enjoy.
Margaret It gets a LOT better!
Afroditejackson1512 it's just you.....i've read it like three times and the fourth i started crying for something that would happen in the next chapter.....i don't even now if that makes sense....cassie clare is the best writer ever born......
Sarah Grezek The books within themselves are not very interesting but the only thing that has kept me interested is the way in which these books connect to each other and the drawn out story of Clary and Jace
Katie Heffernan I know this was asked like a year ago, but I just have to respond because I could not physically put this book down. It was attached to my hand for 3 days because it that good. No parts of it were boring for me, so I just don't see how you could feel this way
Jenna C Um... YES! Please don't put this down, it is amazing. Like a few others said it might not be your genre but its great. please read!
Bryn Sobas I think it gets better, Im a teen the whole series is amazing
Ree no, it's not. i can survive only by thinking of Jamie Campbell Bower
Yasmine Omg its gonna get SO much better, i was just the same as you but oh mmyyy goodddd your going to love it later on!
Michelle Barlow I'm having a hard time reading this, so I just keep going to it between my other books to hopefully try to get into it....so far it really isn't catching my interest.
Luke no it won't. It's horrible. Just move on.
Lia i kept putting this book down as well; but at some point, i finished it, along with the rest of the series and The Mortal Instruments is now literally my entire life. The rest of the books are SOOOO good. I'm certain that after the second book, you will completely fall in love with the series and everything it has to offer
Lisa I was in love with the book from the start. So, I say keep reading!
Lise To me, it did get better. I defenitely liked the third book and the story just keeps amazing me. It would be worth reading.
Alexis Oh yes, it gets better. I found it a bit hard to get into at first, but the book is really good...the series is amazing once you get into it. It's pretty good. I'd say give it a chance.
DragonTears Thank you everyone for answering me :)
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