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Is this classic on the reading list at your local high school?

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Katrina yes, I'm currently reading ti right now for my 9th grade English class.
Srikanth No. I read it when i'm in mid twenties and still liked it.
Alina Yes actually, we had to read it for our 9th grade English class.
Betelhem Reading all about it. Yes it is. I think we will read it in 10th grade.
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Nullifidian I never had to read the book in high school — my teacher chose Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison to cover the same topic — so I didn't end up reading this until my 30s.
k We've been assigned this book for our grade 9 English class. Great book, but terrible work; getting work based off this book makes it not so enjoyable to read and more stressful. Wish me luck on my project and homework. I hope I'll be okay.
Alexandra Sotelo is a boring book.
Astrid I read it last year in my sophmore year
Maya Yes, we will be reading it right now.
Diane Mayernik yes, 8th grade actually!
Eamon Yep, was forced to read it in my CP English 10 class.
Ada Velazquez Yes, but I read it several times before and we're starting it next week in class

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Megan Yes, we have to read it in 9th grade this fall but I already read it for fun in 8th grade.
Elizabeth Pollock Yes! well, not exactly, we read it in 8th grade English which was a grade below high school in my old district.
Kailee Finochiarro woahh this comment section is making me feel so smart. im in 8th grade right now, and our school makes this book required reading for everyone
Abigail Yes. I'm in 8th grade but I take 9th grade Literature and this book is required, along with 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell.
Kathleen Holmes Yes, I am currently in 8th grade and just finished it.
phoebe It’s required summer reading for my Honors English II class (10th grade)
Catherine Anne I was going to ask something similar. I had to read it the summer before 10th grade I believe. I'm guessing it's pretty common. I went to a private school then, too. So if you were wondering, it's not just public schools.
Kaitlin I'm reading it and I'm in 7th grade so I guess it goes for that near highschool/highschool range.
Jamie Yes in grade 9 English
Tiffany Kuo im reading it for my middle school english class
Jade Jones Yes, we are reading it in 9th grade English at this moment.
Maria Yep, reading it now in 10th grade..
Veronica Williams yes, in 9th grade at memorial high school
Eman Ahmed i am reading it in 9th grade english class
Kasia Proce I read it for my 10th grade english AP class!
Julia Yes, grade 10 academic
Shaheed Abdelfattah I read it in 8th grade in middle school.
Tara I read it in year 10 English a few (many!!) years ago
Kaitlin Yeah, I actually read it in seventh grade though! (from Illinois)
Mackensie I am actually reading this for seventh grade.
Lauren Mangum Yes, hence why I read it. Annotations get quite annoying but the book is excellent! I know I would have enjoyed it more by reading it leisurely instead.
Jacari Yes I am currently reading the book in my 10th grade English class.
We are on pg.99 so far I think the book is boring.
I have no favorite characters
YF No, I read it when I was a sophomore =。=
Reem Yes, read it in 8th grade in a school in Dubai.
Bookworm54 Yes, I read it in 8th grade honors english, though I read it outside of class in fifth grade for the first time, and I fell in love with it.
Andie Yes, I teach it in Honors English 10.
Christopher Milton I had to read this for my 10th grade english class.
Roxanne Yes, for year 10 in English
niki I read it for school in 7th grade.
Dani Read it for 10th grade English.
Isha Sharma It's not :( We're stuck with Helen Keller in 10th Grade.

And I don't think we'll be having To Kill A MOCKINGBIRD in the following years either. :/

And English is not our first language soo....
Lisa Kokx This year it's on a list of English literature we have to choose four books from (oh and English isn't our first language).
Lessgravity It was, don't remember what grade level.
Celest It was when I was in school, unfortunately I fell behind and only got this book read in disjointed fragments.
Im Just A Fandom Girl i read it in 9th
Addison Dixon Yes. I read it in 11th grade.
Nancy Absolutely - 9th grade.
Ellie We read it in eighth grade
Elizabeth Yes, seventh grade.
Imen Z no, but i'd like to read it.
Gavroche Yes, we have to read it for English 9. Love this book!
๓คץค- Im not sure, but I read this book in 5th grade with my teacher. (Im in 6th grade now)
Jessica Indeed it is, at least for 9th grade advanced. Though I would have to say that it's one of the better books that goes on the list, in my opinion.
ClearSkye Summer before 8th grade...
Sue Bursztynski No, but there's a battered old copy in my library and kids ask for it. Must get a new one.
Jen Yes. Currently reading it (and loving it) for my 9th grade English class.
Amrita Yep. One of my friends is reading it and we are in the 10th grade.
Refilwe We're reading it in eighth grade. This is my second time reading it. Last time was in sixth grade. It's still amazing!
Kristie Legge Yes, 9th grade, Montgomery, Texas
Kevin for me I read it in 8th grade
Emma Iadanza I'm reading it in my 9th grade Language and Literature H class.
Bea Nope. I live in a different country, but we did talk about this a little.
Bodhi no, never had to read this book for school
our teacher was not at all U.S.-centric
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