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Titan It was an extremely intriguing book. I was glued to it till the end and almost burnt my eyes out trying to read it in one day. It's a masterpiece.
Steve The premise was an interesting one and the descriptions of the various items of art were meticulously researched. The twists and turns in the last hundred pages or so kept you guessing.

However, it seemed to me that Dan Brown was attempting to steer a runaway train which eventually stopped in the middle of nowhere. The book had no proper ending and as such I was left with sense of 'so what'.

At the end of it it was a disappointing book
Debi It wasn't as wonderful as the last two Dan Brown books I read but it kept my attention to the very end.
Ilona from all of Dan Brown's books this one was really boring. but still worth reading :)
Venki Manickam I was more interested in reading about the cities and history! Rest of it is just the usual Robert Langdon - Dan Brown stuff!
Garima Suspense,history, belief, and drama – a perfect concoction. Dan Browns, Inferno has it all. The opening pages of the book, creates a spiraling suspense.
What I like about this novel;
1. Novelist Dan brown mentions Melinda gates foundations effort in some countries spreading the use of condoms and reducing AIDS and other diseases. As he narrates Zobrists view, Dan Brown also shows growing concern of Malthusian growth and consequent depletion of natural resources. In doing so, Dan Brown gave an example of a sinking ship overloaded with passengers. He compares the ship with earth.
2.The novel also states that people join groups when they are positive about its results. People join groups for a cause. But not necessarily it goes in the right directions. Deviations are common which sometimes results in disaster.
3.Depression, anxiety and sleeplessness affects health. In proving this, the novel mentions Dr Sienna brooks. She becomes bald and suffers a lot.
4.Looks are deceptive. Trust once you delve and collect all genuine information.
Ibrahim Dahab I didn't want it to end
Very good book
Ásta Svavarsdóttir I gave up. Brown is trying to copy Da Vinci Code but somehow none of this makes any sense.
Darshit Patel The book was great. Typical Dan Brown book. The book carried on its pace throughout the end. The one thing that I didn't like was the ending. It was a perfect way to tank the whole plot. Left me that unsatisfying feeling.
Tuah Pengembara Full of Suspense and magnificent!
I could not take my hand off from the book..
I like how the characters play their role..
and the best of all the art, religion and technology combine in one stories.
Would like to travel after this !
Shaye It is a magnificent masterpiece. I was hooked from start to finish, couldn't put it down.
Astghik Mkhitaryan The ending is unexpected, unlike other Brown's books. Overall, a good book
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Jill I will start off by saying I am a Dan Brown fan who loves Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. I am aware Brown is no Tolstoy; I was not expecting the next great novel of our time. But I've always enjoyed how he incorporates non-fiction conspiracies with his fiction. But this book, for me, was just really, really bad.

I want to like it, but I cannot. It's like he wants to follow the same suspense, twists and turns, art and architecture references, etc. as his other books, so he's just throwing out as much information and plot twists as he can. I have no interest in the plot whatsoever. There is too much going on and it seems desperate - and trying to tie in the Malthusian theory and transhumanism with Dante's Inferno is a reach. And the dialogue! Every line ends with some corny D-list movie line! With character names like "Sienna Brooks" and "Vayentha," it's just ridiculously over-the top cheesy. More so than any of his other books. I am much more hopeful for Origin. I need it to feel like he's not grasping for straws to meet his next deadline.
Noelle T. I absolutely LOVED the book, then a say the movie and was simply outraged how they totally changed the ending. AAARRGGHH! It was so frustrating.

I'm an environmentalist so naturally i thought the REAL book ending was fantastic. The movie was horrible. though Tom Hanks as usual was fantastic.
Dave Hussell I have been a fan of Dan Brown's novels for some time. Inferno, might not be his best work, but it kept me glued to it. Saw the movie right after reading this book. I do not recommend that, movie was a disappointment. Maybe if I had waited a while to see the movie.
Getting back on track, the book is great.
Haleem Elshaa'rani Extremely boring, Dan Brown sticks to the same style and narration and it sounds as if you're reading any other one of his books except for the character
R.W. Erskine if you have read any other Robert Langdon stuff by him you will see its a poor attempt to get another best seller.
Its all repetitious of his other Langdon works with alot of filler to make the word count higher.
I was very disapointed.
Marcy Loved the twists as only Dan. Brown can write. I love history so this really intrigued me
Mohit Gupta I got to know Italian about Art more then what I had known from my childhood through this book. Must read...
Anushka I think this was a nice book....though after reading some reviews i realized that yes, dan brown's story's have a similar plot....but still i liked the concept of the storyline .
Cicero Inferno is a thriller novel which is rich of facts, literature, science, and historical references. Mr. Brown expressed his protest to WHO, as the gate keeper of the planet’s health – is investing in things like curing diabetes, filling blood banks, and battling cancer. What a smart plot in linking Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy to mystery biochemistry, and dangerous population explosion as Malthusian Theory's exponent.
Payal Mehta
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