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is the life of pie bad for children under age 10

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Henning I don't understand how anyone could consider this a childrens book. It is philosophical, a bit tedious and surprisingly violent, and uses fairly advanced vocabulary at times. It doesn't seem to target any specific age group, but it's not for the youngest.
Elinor I read this book in the summer between 5th and 6th grade (around ten or eleven), and I understood it and enjoyed it very much. I did not find boring, but rather interesting and a good break from all the dystopian novels everyone is reading these days. I understood it perfectly well.
Triisha I just finished it (I'm 14), and I don't think I'd let my nine-year-old sister think about reading it until she was AT LEAST 13. The idea of not believing in a single religion, while one of the best parts of this book, is just too complicated for children to understand until they've understood their own religion. The rawness of the book, the cannibalism and creepiness, is also a deciding factor.
Kell I don't think this book is bad for people of any age. They may view the book differently as children than they do as older teens and then adults. Why not expose them to it now, and maybe as they grow, so will their take on the book ;-)
MaisyWare I don't have an extensive vocabulary. Mine is around 10k which is 50% smaller than the average native adult speaker, had no trouble reading it. The philosophy isn't way too complicated(you don't need to have read plato's republic to make sense of it). I think a child can read this book. And I would allow my child to read. But I doubt a child would find it interesting.
Flydb If you have extensive vocabulary (which it seems like you don't).
Sarah Jane I think that they may not understand it. I would wait a couple years just so they can get full enjoyment out of the philosophical content
Geraldine No, it has a lot of philosophical and espiritual content that a kid that age would not enjoy. Even the movie could be boring and meaningless for them.
Emily I would not recommend it for kids under ten simply because some of the tough philosophical and emotional things in the novel. Life of Pi is definitely a modern classic, a must read for anyone, but if kids couldn't handle the realities in the Giver, this book should wait too.
Kara I tried to read it at 11 and I had to wait a year, and I'm a very advanced reader for my age. I don't think a 10-year-old would enjoy the book even if they did read it because of the religion and the beginning in general. It's too advanced.
Timothy Unless murder and cannibalism being briefly (though vividly) described near the end is a problem, no, but I definitely think it can be better appreciated by an older audience.
Rea Perrson you are probably 7 years old
Emmanuel Sarno what is the book all about??
Brandon Book Nerd It has difficult parts to the novel to understand, so I'd recommend it for teenagers and up. There's a lot of big vocabulary in it, and I don't think a child under 10 would understand most of it, unless you're a child genius. Also, this book is an allegory (a novel which has a deeper meaning about society), so some themes would be difficult to understand. So overall, it is not bad per se, I just wouldn't recommend it for children under 15.
Aaron Sargent Simple! If you wish to read it, read it. There is far worse thing a 10 year old can be exposed to...daily. Just understand book is written for older teens to adults, there will be detail that make be beyond your level of understanding and vocabulary but in saying that, you got to start sometime.
Avery Moore I think you might enjoy it more if you wait until age 13 or so. It's a deep novel so you'll definitely appreciate it more if you wait. :)
Soquel No, not your kids. It's a great book but I think it is better for older teens and adults.
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