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I've never read a stephen king novel. Would the shining be a good one to start with?

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Michele Definitely... just be prepared to not be able to put it down! Most of Stephen King's books are that way, they suck you in and take over your life, but this one especially.
CJ Wilson This was my first Stephen King Novel and I thought it was amazing definitely better than the movie
Warren Parks I've read The Stand and The Dark Tower Series and decided to read some more of his works since those are now some of my favorite books. I would have to say that I preferred those to this one but I still rated The Shining 4 stars (would of done 4.5 if that was an option). But The Stand is especially amazing and would be a tough one to beat in my opinion.
Martin I recommend "Carrie" instead ... ;)
Frank Costelloe I don't recommend starting with this book. Along with the Dark Tower and Thinner, this book has been my least favorite. I would highly recommend you begin with Salem's Lot. Cujo and Pet Cemetery are also gripping in suspense.
Peter No! slow and tedious, read Salems Lot and forget the rest.
Dave Summers love king, but for me this is the first book I've ever read where I actually prefer the movie. Not a fan
Hasnan Wow, first time logging in after a while. Thank you for all the responses!
The Dark Knight Yes, definitely! It's amazing the all around suspense is just thrilling. Just read it, I guarantee you won't be sorry.
Gretchen Marshall This is one of my favorite books of all time of any book. It isn't just terrifying, it is vivid with its characters and their relationships. It had great tension. It has a great setting and storyline. I would recommend it to anyone.
Samir Islamović There is nothing that u watch that he did not write much much better
Bradford Mlynski You should start with a King book that has a little more meat on 'It" .. That means go read the book called 'It'
Maria If you like a paranormal and horror book, yes, you should try this! But, personally, I've read Pet Cemetery first, and, somehow, this type of novel show me what is the true literature.
Jodi Lininger It was the first one I read and I loved it!! It has been a few years but I don't remember being bored. I've never seen the Jack Nicholson film but the mini-series with Steven Weber was very close to the book.
Cecily This was my first Stephen King, chosen after consultation with friends who admire his writing, and whose tastes overlap a fair bit with mine. It will be my last/only Stephen King.
The one thing I was not expecting was to be bored, but I was. Very.
Joey This was my first Stephen king book and I read it in a weak it was that good
Sherry Taylor I would personally suggest reading some of his short stories first, but as far as novels go, this would be a good starting point into his work. A word of warning though, he is very verbose. He can go on, in great detail, over details that isn't necessary to the main story. He's an amazing storyteller and a good writer.
Enri Very good one. And for me much much better than the film.
Cecilia This is great edge-of-your seat King. It'll be a classic 100 years from now. Go for it!
Cecilia Having read many books by King, I would definitely recommend The Shining as a introductory book! I just finished it and it has become my favorite of his.
Joseph Careful!! It's like a black hole, It will suck you in!!
Ties Blom Don't bother. It is an overblown , hyped piece of work. Though the Kubrick film is far from perfect, this is a case of a movie being quite more effective than the book it is based on.
Eowyn Absolutely!
I can only recommend the book!
I cannot put the book down.
Forked Radish I would start with "The Inn" by Guy de Maupassant which "inspired" "The Shining".
Skielynn I dont really know, but I recommend using The Institute to start reading Stephen King books
José Abi Definitely yes
Imene i enjoyed it. at some point you start, not only to read the story but really living it. Great autor and great story.
Career Decisions I would not recommend starting with The Shining. I've read many King books, and consider him one of the great storytellers, but this is among my least favorites. It's plodding, dull until almost the very end. You'd be better off with just about anything else. Pet Sematary or 11/22/63 would be at the top of my "begin with" list, also consider Different Seasons, Christine, The Dead Zone, IT, Firestarter, 'Salem's Lot, The Talisman, or The Stand -- go with whichever piques your interest.
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