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can a 7th grader read the book in a few days or a week

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Laura Herzlos Unless they totally have to, I would not recommend it. There are much better books, better written than this one. Depending on how fast they read and their vocabulary level, it can even be read in 3-4 hours, even, so I'd say a few days is more than enough.
But seriously, unless it's mandatory, I'd go for something better.
Julie Definitely. That's when I originally read it and now, over a decade later, it's still one of my favorite short(er) stories.
Kathryn I read this in 7th or 8th grade and it was one of the books that I most disliked. Hated actually! I am currently listening to it on audio and don't think I really care for it, but I'll give it a fair chance and it is short, just over 2 hours or around 100 pages more or less. There are better books out there. I don't know why schools insist on having students read so-called classics. They need to get kids to enjoy reading and this book is not going to do it. Luckily, I was a big reader before, so the books , I read in school that I mostly disliked did not affect my love of reading, since I knew there were so many great books, but for those kids who are not readers, this book and many of the other required books for middle school and high school, will not endear them to reading. They can always read t during college or later in life.
Yasemin heaps of imagery and an impressive plethora of new words. it's a short read, and the message/moral is quite clear. it'd be good for them, i think.
Olivia Yes. It is an about 90 page book, although has difficult vocabulary terms.
Ronda If the 7th grader is a reader, he/she can finish it in a week. Short book but will have at least 10 new vocab words the student should look up and the philosophy in the book might go over the student's head. Worth it for you to read too then you can discuss. Lovely book, I read it in three evenings.
Katy Lohman I read it in 7th grade as an assignment, so, yes. Think it took me 2 days, tops.
Rachel I read this book at that age, and I would absolutely suggest it. I believe it took my class two and half weeks to finish. I loved it, and often reread it for its amazing metaphors and symbolism.
Danielle Chavez I read this book in middles school and remember loving it! Not sure about all of the negative comments but it has been a while since I read it.
David Dyer absolutely, a seventh grade with reasonable reading and vocabulary skills can read a critique The Pearl.
James Biser You can read it in a day; I have several times.
However, you need to realize this book takes you on a ride that will not leave your mind quickly.
Roman Stadtler Yes, and probably faster if they're a good reader. Either The Pearl or The Red Pony were the first Steinbeck I read, which was in 7th grade. This story took a few hours to read.
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