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Lesly Quilit Yah. Kind of. I wanted Mia to be revealed as his girl friend and they would perform both on a stage and they will become a duo. I'm just wonderin' still, why it is entitled "Where She Went".
Bernadeth the thing is the ending is totally hanging.. it's like there something left.. hope to have a good adaptation from the movie... but the entire book is great... Adam, Mia they deserve to be happy...
Hanna Crisostomo
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Temetria. M Temetria. M

Some challenges in people's lives are not always in the present. It may be in the past or trying to let go of the past may be the challenge. If you don’t face it, eventually it’s going to come back to you and make you regret not facing it. It’s better to address it right away. In order for you to move on you have to let your past go. In Where she went, Gayle Forman teaches readers that you have to let go of the past in order to live in the present and be prepared for the future. If you don’t it might affect your present or your future. Gayle Forman is the author of Where she went. The two main characters, Adam and Mia come together after 3 years if not talking to each other. Hiding emotions and secrets Adam and Mia hang out one last night until they have to say goodbye again. In my opinion, people have to let go of the past and move on to the present; not letting go of your past is a big burden and it’s a burden no one wants.

Gayle Forman use descriptive words or sentences to show that holding to your past and not letting go can harm the people you love and you especially. Adam and Mia both hold on to the things that happened three years ago and it almost ruined their whole relationship. “She looks at me, square in the eye. Taking aim. And then she pulls the trigger. “Because I hated you.” The wind, the noise, it all just go quiet for a second , and I’m left with a dull ringing in my ear, like after a show, like after a heart monitor goes to flatline….”(188) Mia hated Adam three years ago because of the death of her family. This proves that letting go of your past is the best because throughout those three years Mia went through so much pain and she almost let everything she love walk out of her life. She may have not realized but she didn't just hurt herself those three years she also hurt Adam mentally. “And there it is. A hollow blown through my heart confirming what some part of have always known (188)...Letting go. Everyone talks about it like it’s the easiest thing. Unfurl your fingers one by one until your hand is open. But my hand is clenched into a fist for three years now; it’s frozen shut. All of me is frozen shut. And about to shut down completely. I stare down at the water. A minute ago it was calm and glassy but now it’s like the river is opening up, churning. A violent whirlpool. It’s that vortex, threatening to swallow me whole. I’m going to drown in it, with nobody, nobody in the murk with me (189)….”I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!”.....I scream louder than I have ever screamed in my life...as I battle with invisible waves and imaginary vortexes and demons that are too real and of my own making….”(190) Not letting go of their past almost took control of Mia’s and Adam entire live and almost ruined everything they ever cared about.

In Where She Went, Gayle Forman shows Mia’s passion or love for her cello as a symbol of healing also known for moving on “Passion for the future is a great healer for the pain of the past” -unknown. Mia’s passion for her instrument the cello heals her of the traumatic past she had. Something that you love can heal you or give you reasons to continue moving forward. “After that, the cello became her therapy: physical, emotional, mental. The doctors were amazed at Mia’s upper-body strength….and how her playing brought that strength back, which made the weakness in her right arm go away and strengthened her injured leg….But mostly, the cello improved her mood. It gave her something to do everyday. She stopped speaking in monotone and started to talk like Mia again….” (45-46) This shows how the thing Mia loves-which is her cello-can help you move on. Mia wasn’t the same after the car crash but her cello helped her get through the aftermath of the car crash. She began being Mia again. And her cello helped her move on from the tragedy that took her family away.

Gayle Forman uses short and long sentences to show how most people deal with breakups and what they do in order to move on from the break ups. When people go through a break most of the time it makes them go through stages of depression. Gayle Forman shows how Adam handles his break up those three years being separated from Mia using short and long sentences and help the reader feel empathy towards Adam.….” I was all alone. There was nobody to step up to the plate for .So I just let everything fall away and then everything stopped. I moved home back to my parent’s place. Just grabbed a pile of stuff from my room at the House of Rock and left. Left Everything. School. The band. My life….. For three months I lay in my childhood bed, wishing myself as comatose as Mia been. that had to be easier than this. My sense of shame finally roused me. I was a nineteen years old, a college dropout, living in my parents’ house, unemployed, a layabout, a cliche….” (59-60) This proves that breakups can be hard and show how Adam handles his breakup with Mia. The breakup caused him to leave everything in his life It made him feel abandoned with no one ever there to help him and also made him wish he were in a coma like Mia was after the car crash. Adam even compares his breakup to the car crash that killed Mia’s family. “I know it’s really cheesy-crass even to compare my being dumped to the accident that killed Mia’s family but I can’t help it, because for me the aftermath felt the same. For the first few weeks, I’d wake up in a fog of disbelief. That didn’t really happen, did it?....But unlike with the accident- when I had to be there, be present, help, be the person to lean on- after she left, I was all alone.” (58) This clearly indicates that breakups are not easy and it’s hard to get over them and people have different ways to try to get over it.

In Where She Went. Mia’s cello helps her move on from that terrible car crash. Adams breakup help him in the future with challenging obstacles. Mia’s and Adam’s fight made them realize that holding on to the past isn’t going to change anything. You have to let go of the past. All of the challenges and fears Adam and Mia have and how they faced them proves that it’s better to let the past go before it affects your present and future. I’ve supported my claim by pulling text evidence of the problems Adam and Mia faced and their past and what they do to move on from it. Letting go is the first step of what to do after a tragedy happens. If Adam and Mia hadn’t let go off their past who knows what would have happened. I wonder if their past experience will affect how they adjust to future tragedies.What will happen with Adam and Mia? Have you ever had trouble letting go of something. How did you handle it?
Bobby Bu I think everyone deserves...more
Madelaine no! it was perfectly imperfect.. and my imagination is confident that they'll grow old together. i cried so much for Adam that i thought he deserves to be happy, i mean really happy. and we all know who can do that and with whom he'll feel that. same with Mia, Adam loves her beyond anything and it's a relief that they followed their hearts in the end.
Luis Dantas Heck, no! It was indeed perfect, particularly because of the timing and the path Adam and Mia went through.

I never thought I could actually see Adam say serenely that Mia's future would be without him until he did. And then I wanted to scream. What a beautiful book.
Hannah It was a good ending, i just wish they would have told us and explained more about Bryn.
Claire Luce Um, yes. I wanted them to understand what happened and to go their separate ways. If she hadn't ever come back across the bridge it would have been perfect.
Shay Ellis NOPE! I loved this book and the ending.
Pragna Sanyal no it was pretty perfect and i am a sucker for happy endings
Jules ♈ (witchyrover) Definately. This is not the way I wanted it to end. I was like "this is it?"
Nikki I loved the director's ending nice job John Green
Lanay Barksdale It needs more it needs to tell me details did that get married are him and the best friend friends again will that have a famly what happened to the band did are all of them still in touch in just saying I need I want more
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Briseyda Yes, I would've preferred that he would've said to Mia, "i'm with someone else now. The past is the past." Sorry people, my opinion.
Kayla Wayland I thought it was great. They both need each other to be happy and now they can have that. God knows Adam needs it.
Betti It was very good to see things from Adams perspective, and I loved the book.
Shelby I can't wait to read both books so I know what happens with Mia & Adam, besides I need to know if they get back together and how Mia's life is now that she is has no parents or no siblings

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Lennart No!
I needed this ending to a story, it suits the story and it's isn't the easy way out for the writer or the characters, either because I needed it or because it's the truth!
Kaloyana I don't mind happy ending. This suits the whole story.
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