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ok hello people- i wanted to ask if this book is worth reading or not- because recently i read insurgent and allegiant by V. Roth and was SO disappointed it was so high on the popular books list :( so please someone tell me how they found it compared to divergent or not honestly i don't care. just tell me if it's worth reading.

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Jenna C I just started reading this... its okay but i have read SO much better books. If you are in need for a good series i recommend "The Mortal Instruments" these books are amazing! the first book is the "City of Bones"
L. (Being kinder to my books for 2023) Run away from this book. Run far, far away from it.
Tiffany M. I can give you my opinion of both. I loved the Divergent series (if you leave out Allegiant). I thought they were well written, and the romance aspect was not too much but also enough for my love of romance. I then read the Lux series. I read it in two weeks, and I thought it was great! I loved this series! I am a sucker for romance, so I was definitely goo-goo over Daemen and Katy. I also loved the action and science fiction part of the story with how everything worked. I love fast paced books, and this was definitely one of them. I read this series not know it was a popular series. I have just been introduced to the author. I would not compare the two series. They are not a like. One is based on a futuristic society, while the other (Lux) is based one present day America and is fantasy in the fact that it's about aliens.
NickReads this is the first book i have ever rated 5 so I assure you that it is mind blowing :)
Christine I consider myself pretty well-read in terms of teen books and just no. This book is super generic and typical. Whiny insecure main character, a hot-as-the-sun love interest who's also a douchebag, a mean girl who gets in the way, whatever. The plot is kind of dumb and based on "it just so happens". Everything about this book. AH. I was so disappointed after hearing so many fantastic things about this book.
Holly I loved this book!!! There's a definite love/hate relationship going on with the main characters and a chemistry so hot I'm surprised the pages don't spontaneously combust--yet it's clean enough to be YA (no sex). If you like books like that, you'll love this one!
Elizabeth This book is defiantly worth reading. This is my favorite book, not to mention my favorite series. You will not be disappointed!
T.W. Time Depends. How into the romanticized emotional abuse of a one-dimensional teen girl by a "hot" prick are you?
Taja This book is not worth it trust me. It's basically almost identical to twilight, and the romance aspect in it is ridiculous. Don't waste your time on this ...
Emily Yes it so worth reading. You will not be disappointed!
Raynebow Divergent is totally different. I loved it and think you would enjoy it. Its hard to answer your question when you did not state why you disliked divergent, or explain anything but. If you like sci-fi you probably will like this book. I think it is worth reading hope that helped
Valerie this book is a good read! take it from a 13 year old. read this in 2016 and i never wanted it to end. has a very entertaining plot line and characters that will melt your heart at moments. i say read it!
Adrienne Soucy Let's put it this way... the only disappointment in this series is that it's not 20 books long. I just finished the series and LOVED it so much. I want to cry because it's over, but even the ending was good. It is worth the read for sure!
Desislava I readied all the books and they were so good! Just read it you won't regret it.
Emily this is my fave series of all time so i highly suggest :)
Erieanna I read this series in about a week, and that's while being grounded. Honestly loved it and am now in the process of reading a spin-off. Definitely should at least try it.
AnnMichelle This series is definitely more light-hearted and fun, if I had to make a quick analysis. I enjoyed the series pretty much. The last book was a little odd to me but no biggie.
Fran I think it depends on your tastes. Some people adore this book, some others just can't stand it. To me, it seemed a not-very-ambitious book, I'd advise it to someone who wants something not-very-demanding to read (yes, I love dashes ahahah). I don't think you'll dislike it. However, talking about Jen's series, I LOVED "The Dark Elements", it's more complex and just incredible, I'd recommend that one more than this one.
Lyla Trust me on this one, this book is absolutely mind-blowing. I cannot explain it but it got me scattered and my emotions were all over the place. I have re-read the entire series three times already and I still cannot possibly get enough of this book. Jennifer L. Armentrout instantly became my favorite author 2 and a half years ago the second I got my hands on Obsidian. Her title as my favorite author has not yet been swayed up till this day. She has a perfect balance of humor and thrill. You will not regret reading this one.
Starrisa Hi this reply is a few years late but personally i found this book worth reading. The main character actually has a personality that is well-developed(at least to me) and Daemon's actions may not be the best, but the reasons behind make them understandable, especially when i read Oblivion(Daemon's POV). I found the plot interesting, with just enough romance and plot twists, and even some sweet extras after the series ended. Basically, if you're a fan of book series but hate them ending, the Lux Series will be great since after the series ended, Jennifer Armentrout still adds in extra scenes every now and then! ((: Hope this helps!
Hannah Personally I loved this book. It´s so great. But I also loved the divergent series so we might have different tastes in books. I have never read a book familiar to Obsidian (of course it is science fiction and a love story but the whole world is new) and it was very interesting for me to get to know this world. Later on there were times when actions repeated itself but it was worth reading. I am usually not into fictional books but this book is one of the best I´ve ever read. You might just want to start reading it and decide on whether you like it or not
N~ This is an awesome book so you should definitely read it.
Skylar Lauren I loved this book. It's hard to write a book about love and make it completely unoriginal. And this book isn't really like any others. It's worth reading.
Lizzie Read this now!!!!amazing
Prashanti this series is so awesome... FREAKING AWESOME.... will not feel to keep it down.... it is so familiar with my style i just love Jennifer's book
Book Worm Honestly you cant compare the Divergent Series and the Lux series.
But this book is a must read. If you love romance, action, and sci-fi than this is the book for you.
Kat M Remember we all have different opinions... I hope you at least tried reading to see if you actually like it. There are many great series that I like and this is one of them. Don't compare it to other series until you have read them.
Sonia Zayets hey, so basically to all the people who criticize books not based on real facts, please do not slip a poison into everyone's minds...
to answer the question, yes it is a book worth of reading, the plot is very exciting and full of action and romance.
jk No. The divergent series to me is waaaaay better than this series. Didnt even get to finish one.

But hey maybe ya like main characters who has almost non existent self respect and a boy who is totally and completly a dousche.
Jocelyn Zhu This book is definitely a must read
Ely Eisen Hey!!!! well.I was a little afraid to read this book at first, cuz i'm not a big fan of aliens, but GOD.. FOR ALL THE HOLY BABIES ALIENS daemooon is soooooo *i can't describe what I feel for him* I WANT A DAEMOOON !!!.. and I could not stop reading the whole saga .. lol .. keeps getting better and better! For me.. Opal, Origin and Opposition are the best... ;)
Kendra Chapin I LOVED Divergent. It was a great series, although I despise the ending of Allegiant. I read this book and have finished the second one also. I absolutely enjoyed them. I can't wait to get the third one!
Arna Kristín Sigurðardóttir I liked the first 2 books of Divergent, but this series is so much better! Personally I do not find it very similar to Divergent, so you will probably like this.
Lanyi Yes it is! The characters are insta-love, even Daemon during his douchey moments. It's fast paced and the romance was just... *SWOON*. It's a love/hate relationship at first and they grow to like each other more, but not love, which is better in my opinion. This is my favorite series of all time! And the character development is incredible during the series. The first book is mostly focusing on their relationship (it's not as bad as I make it sound) and how he's an alien and how the "alien world" works but keep reading for more action because the series gets better!!! But yeah, you should read it.
Maria Polito really worth reading at leats for me it one of my faviorte series
Darlene Schara Try Poison Princess!

I loved Divergent and Insurgent, couldn't stand Allegiant. Don't let the name fool you (yes I think 'Poison Princess' is kinda corny for a title). But it was great!
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