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I recently watched the movie (I know... why would you ever watch the movie without reading the book first!?!). I was just curious - how different is the book from the movie? I want to read this book, but I have a long list of other titles that I am considering reading as well. Just wanted to know if I'll be blown away by it.

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Novica Vukobratovic The movies are terrible. Too many key things from the book(s) excluded.
" Never judge a book by it's movie " :)
Kim Guldi I read the books first. When I went to see the movie, people were there who hadn't read the book, and they had no idea what was going on. The book is so. much. better. than the movie. The movie was like watching a summary. Read the book, you won't regret it.
Sandy Morley I feel like everyone's saying the movie misses out so much just because that's what everyone says about every movie adaptation. I watched the movie, read the books, then watched the movie again plus catching fire, and I can hand on heart say I don't think they missed out anything. At all.

Of course it's going to be different as it's shot from a camera and not from her personal consciousness, her increasing introversion is hard to see from that perspective, but make no mistake, the films follow the books almost to the letter.
Lena The book has so many more important details that were left out in the movie. Its a real easy read too, it won't take you long.
Madi I think that if you enjoyed the movie, you will be e enough more blown away by the book. Hope you enjoy it!
Joseph Downes You really need to read the books to fully appreciate Suzanne Collins' concept and idea. I thought the films were good but they were a little too empty in terms of the emotion and character development. Make sure you read the books before watching anymore!
grace. Yeah read the books they are really good. I loved all three!
Alicia Clark The movies are great but of course the books are different and better with some more details. I think you can only call your self "Hunger Games-fan" when you've read the books.
Jennifair I might be the only one who feels that the movies were incredible (especially in conjunction with the books). I learned more about certain characters because of their portrayal in the films. True, a book will offer more... but we wouldn't want a voice-over narrator in the movie would we? Yes, hands down I choose the books but you will NOT regret watching the movies either! I feel if you've started with the movies, the books won't throw you for a loop.
Audra The movie leaves out so many important parts. The book is way better than the movie. If you read the book, you will not regret it. Books are always better than movies. If you have a chance, I would TOTALLY recommend it.
Evan Wrd Books are always better than the movies, Period
Emma I've only seen catching fire but I've read all the books several times, even rereading them again atm. I didn't see the first one bc my sister was so dissapointed by the movie that I didn't want to ruin all my invented images of the arena and the characters (that's one of the biggest reasons). But I liked the second one, the arena was a lot like I had imagened it while reading it, though the characters weren't but I get that it is realy hard to find actors that suit the role to play them and to look like them. I had imagened Haymitch a lot fatter tbh :p . But I was dissapointed that they let 2 realy big parts out that make you want to fight the capitol even more and make you very curious about the next book. I'm talking about the Avox people and the people Katniss saw in the forrest. Not gonna say anything more about them bc I don't want to spoil it for the people who haven't read it yet. Also in the book you get a much closer connection to characters like mags, beetee and wiress. In the movie I couldn't even feel really sad abaut SPOILER mags walking into the gass bc it just happened so fast. SPOILER OVER So I would really recommend you to read the book because it's great.
Sofia hte movie is not so different from the book and quite honestly i enjoyed the movie.
Elizabeth C Van Hoek READ. THE. BOOK. GHRRRRRR! Or else hungry bear eat you!
LBergin If you are looking for a jaw-dropper I would suggest this book. It will keep you on the edge of your seat around the clock and leave you begging for more. And I would suggest that you should read the books before hand so you can rant on about what the movie left out.:)
Al I disagree with what most people said. Like you, I watched the movie before reading the book. I read the book this summer and was not impressed. JLaw's performance is much more riveting than Collins' portrayal of Katniss.
Maja Bender I've read all three parts in 5 days, so much details are left out in movies, you won't regret if you read this :D
Emma I actually watched the movie first which I like better because then I find out more things in the book. And I have a better picture in my mind of what is going on. You won’t be blown away by it at all the hunger games is the best book that I’ve ever read!
DiscoCow You messed up, but thats okay! Pretty different in some details, like the pin belonged to her father. Never judge a book by its movie.
Olivia🩷 The book is always better than the movie.
Unless, of course, the author directs the movie.
Juana The same thing happened to me. I felt like it wasn't worth reading it but... YOU MUST READ IT. It's so addictive, even if you know what's going to happen you get goosebumps. It's become one of my favorite books. Really, just read it!
Zahara b/c the books are more descriptive but the movies seem to skip alot of parts in the book.
Ava The book is way better, but the movies aren't as bad compared to movies like The Maze Runner.
Eragon10316 Novia Vukbratovic has no idea what he is talking about the books and movies are amazing if you don't know why I say that check Eragon10316's Comment on Novia Vukbratovic Comment
Lily Percabeth I read them all in 3 days 2 years ago, but the movie is not even close to the book. It is definitely mind blowing. It the best book ever just on par with the percy jackson series.
Raina I personally didn't enjoy the movie that much, I was rather very disappointed. (I liked the Catching Fire movie though, that was fabulous!)

But I LOVED the book! You should definitely read it!
Eman I watched the movie first too a couple of years back, and I was still amazed and impressed when I recently finished the book. The feelings of Katniss Everdeen in the book are deeper as she is the narrator, so you see the whole book from the perspective of Katniss alone. And there are slight changes in terms of insignificant details, and I must say that the book beats the movie regarding those details despite the fact that they are minor. Even if you haven't watched the movie, you'd still be able to imagine that world the author created because her descriptions of places and appearances are fantastic.
Ania Loveee this book, honestly way better than the movie, (i haven't acctually watched the movie Im just assuming that because it's always true)
Anoushka Hands down best book i've ever read. I love love love love love love it. I visited Italy and my mum had to tell me 'put the book down' and she nevers says that because she loves reading.
Kit Only a few small things. Madge is missing from the movies, Peeta's leg
Jade The movies are fine. The first one isn't the greatest, but movie-makers can only do so much. The books are incredible and you will definitely be blown away by it. The writing is strong and there's so many more details that the book offers. It adds much more to the story.
Navneet The first movie is a cinematic masterpiece in my opinion but after recently reading the first book I can understand why people may dislike it. As of now, I do prefer the first book over the first movie
Emma I am going to be in the minority here (which is weird because 99 times out of 100 I say books are better) but I found the movie way better then the books
Brian Engleman The books are in keeping with the movies. Very little is asked of you, it is all very straight-forward and light on vocabulary and complexity. I watched the first movie before reading the three books, and I don't think it necessarily damaged anything of the experience for me, aside from the fact that there was no chance of me imagining anyone but Woody Harrelson as Haymitch.

Anytime you ask a question like this one, you are bound to get a ton of answers about the book is SOOOOO much better, yadda-yadda-yadda. And it's one of those answers that you can pretty much bottle up and pour out any time someone asks the question. With this book, I think it gives a lot of people the chance to toss out that answer who normally don't get to, because reading isn't necessarily their thing. The books are about as emotionally and intellectually challenging as the movies are. I don't think I got much in the way of great insight into the characters or their own internal struggles as a result of reading the book. A great author, Suzanne Collins is not...but she did come up with a great little story. If you have seen the movies, and have lots of other compelling stories in your reading list, you aren't going to be missing out on much by skipping the books. To be honest, reading the third book saved me the trouble of suffering through the last two movies, because it was awful.
Jade Books are better
Maeve Nowotny 100% worth it!!!
Jessieinbookland I watched the movies first as well -then I read the books years later. I regretted it. The movies are great, but the books explain so much of the characters, the districts, the relationships. I honestly didn't really understand Peeta and (especially) Katniss until I read the books.
Yerin Cha The movies were too sped up in comparison to the book, it didn't include some of the key parts I wanted to see. You will be blown.
sophie🤍 They are so so so good. the movies are not too different from the books there is a few minor details but the books are amazing.
SOFI Yes. Just yes. You WILL be blown away by it! The books are soooo much better then the actual movies (the movies are still pretty good, though) In the movies, like everybody else said, lot's of details were left out. In the book, you know what Katniss (main character) is thinking, and so many other things.
Sam ❁ (Taylor’s Version) I'm late, but guys. Really? The movies are awful? They can't include everything from the book and they can't include what she's thinking in her head. I think you all are just trash talking the movies because you think the movies are just trying to copy the books. No, they're just taking the books and giving you a visual of it. Obviously the book is going to have more detail. And in some cases, the movie gives more detail in one part then the book. They balance each other out.
Mary I read the books first, and I must say that I liked the books better than the movies. The movies definitaly left out information, but nothing that wasn't too important. I would recommend that you read the book. It is my favorite book, and I even think that it is good enough to read twice.
vivienne.l The book isn't very different from the movie. However, the book has way more detail than the movie. Personally, they are both awesome.
Alexis The movie is not far from the book. There are a few things that aren't in the movie but major things.
Gingernut Bee I think the movies are really good, but the books are better. I would say depending on what titlea you have in your to read pile, read these first
Salman Memon Okay, So Like Novica Vukobratovic said never judge a book by its movie as they literally exclude everything take the harry potter movies if you've read the novels and then you watch the movies then you say" These things are so bad I wanna puke".
The movie sucks but the books literally Taught me the real meaning of a good novel.
wanna read fantasy then you can also see my work on wattpad
Lauhori Read tho book, it's way better than the movie. There's a series (I know I'm answering 6 years later but who cares). :)

Darby I read all three books and then watched the movies and I suggest doing it in this order, too. In my opinion, the books are much better and more descriptive than the movies, but the last movies, Mockingjay parts 1 and 2, was better than the last book. If you're a fast reader and have a free weekend you can probably finish a full book in 4 to 6 hours, I definitely recommend reading them.
Katniss Everdeen The movies aren’t as good as the books, plus they’re completely different. An example is that in the book, Haymitch’s advice is “stay alive.” Simple as that. But in the movie, it’s “embrace the probability of your imminent death.” (what can I say? I’ve read the books like a million times!) so yes, very different but worth it to watch.
But... WHY DID YOU WATCH THE MOVIES BEFORE?! You’re crazy! 😂 😂 Sorry about that, I’m just crazy about the Hunger Games.
Erin Bronn I really enjoyed the movies-they did a good job an the casting was PERFECT, but the books are definitely better because they have a LOT more detail. Since they're written in a first-person perspective, there are a lot of Katniss's emotions and thoughts and stuff that you won't find in the movies. I'm very glad I read the books before watching the movies, because I understand everything that was happening much better. And there was a super hilarious scene in the book Mockingjay that was left out of the movie, which really disappointed me...I was so looking forward to laughing over it in film-version XD But anyway, definitely read the books, they're100% worth it!
Nathaniel I have not seen the movie but from what I hear it's much more faithful to the book than most *cough* *cough* *Lightning Thief* *cough*
Liz I think what you always have to understand is that a movie is not a book...and vise versa. The movie was adapted from the book, pay attention to that word adapted. It means that the writers of tfe screenplay, the director and the actors will always bring their own perspectives to the movie. A movie is a conglomeration of very different viewpoints, a book is one viewpoint and only one viewpoint.
Bearing all that in mind I really loved the book and I really loved the film. Of course any film of this story is going to leave out details because no one can show what a person is thinking on screen. On the other side of the point the film can show us other perspectives from Katniss, and things that affected the outcome that Katniss knew nothing of. I always ay appreciate the movie for what is is and appreciate the book for what is, because they are not the same thing. They tell the same story but they will be different.
Nika Maria D I have never watched the movie, but from judging the Percy Jackson Series, Harry Potter and my coach telling about the movies, I feel like movies need to work on trying to put more details from the book into the movie. I mean, the first Percy Jackson movie had the 1st and 5th book smashed together, and then they wanted to make another movie about the second book! Lol
Emma I watched the movie first too. Don't worry your not the only one. I didn't really read for fun back when I watched it. Then I borrowed the book from a friend and that was the book that begun my love for reading. so yes, read it, because so much was left out of the movie (such as bonding time with Rue and Peeta). Annnnd I just realised this was from 4 years ago and you have probably read it by now... Oh well. Happy Reading!!
Bavly Sanad u are a bitch coon
Mark Yes you should defintly read the books they leave to many key and intrusting details out
Willa The movie leaves out key parts but the movies are still really good and they portray the book really well.
Logan Berkey yes it is worth it
Momina99bgmail.Com I watched the movies first and I honestly felt like they were the exact same oops
Bananas The books are awesome! They are way better than the movies although the last book gets a little out of hand. You should totally read books they have much more detail.
Grace The books are way better than the movies the movies leave out a lot of really good points in the books.
Z1 I hate book movies because they just honestly suck
Ikram Quite similar but do miss out on important details
Ava Personally, I think that some of the movies can go hand in hand with the books. Sure they leave shit out, but movies can't have as much detail as books do. it's impossible. I right after I reread the first book I watched the first movie again and thought it was TERRIBLE. I ranted to my friend about how much it sucked. Then I watched it again... don't know why... And actually liked it. When I decided to marathon the movies, I my third viewing of the movie made me love it. The second best is MJ part 1, and the other 2 are alright.
Stephanie Franklin blum It's a very good read and not that different from the movie, just more descriptive
Gauge Hausmann Yes, you'll be blow away by this book first because you know what they say the, the book is always better then the movie but the book is amazing and i think you'll love it, it kinda reminds me of the book Legend by Marie Lu
Arely the book is much better it has a lot of more details that put the story together and makes it more clear
Sofia Marie I read the book first, then watched the movie. The book has absolutely amazing internal monolog, which adds a lot to Katniss's character. The movie is great, but the book encompasses way more than the movie and is definitely a must-read.
Melissa I thought the movie would be confusing to someone who hadn't read the books. The second movie stayed most closely to the book in my opinion though.
William Deaver You'll get a better experience out of reading the book because the movie leaves out important details. The book is alot better than the movie.
B.M. Tolbert I have seen the movies and read the books. The books were better for sure.
Roni To be honest, compared to the book, the movie wasn't that bad. Actually, it was one of the rare cases where the movie actually follows the plot of the book (somewhat) closely. At least for the first book.
Jennifer Holder The book is essential to knowing exactly what's happening. At the very beginning of the book, Katniss is thinking about something. The movie doesn't show that. Also, my favorite part of the book is not in the movie. So yea, I'll leave you to it.
Emily Personally, I like the books more only because they go more in depth about every scene and what it was like in Katniss's mind. I have read the books many times each and there are some parts that I wish were in the movie that were in the book, but overall I think the movie perfectly encapsulates the series visually. I have seen the movies COUNTLESS times- to the point where I know every word said in the first two! Many are saying the movie left out parts of the book and it did, but not much. In fact, The Hunger Games is one of the closest movie/book adaptations I have seen. They are really not that different. But it also helps that the cast of the movies played the characters SO WELL. I highly recommend both the books and the movies :)
Catrina Gallagher I read the books before watching all of the movies. I think Mocking jay (the movie) was better than the books. But besides that, I think that the first two books were better than the movies. The movies were missing a lot a things that the books had, and when I was had watched them, I had thought, Aw, man! Why hadn't that been included? But the books are really good, I highly recommend them!
NoName :D The movie is pretty close to the book but there are details that you don't want to miss in the book.

Zainab Yes the books are great!!! The characters have lots of layer which makes it intriguing and also a touch of love interest. Stroryline is also amazing and reflects on the world today. Compared to many other book-based movies Hunger Games is one of the best. Yes they left some somewhat key events , but it still gets to the point of the book in a tolerative way, but yes I agree they couldv'e been better.
Angie Romeo I don' t like watching the movies they exchange may parts of the story to make it seem better and more dramatic. To tell the truth they just change the story.It isn't that must different from the movie, but I would just stick to the books and not even bother with the movies.
Wesley Miller For those who are a first-time reader of the Hunger Games trilogy, it's not to different from the movies. I loved the movies just as much the books, in my opinion. However, I did not watch the movies first, so I cannot say how much would be ruined due to spoilers in the movie.
Jennica Tibbets The book is way different from the movie but they are both awesome and, the book is totally worth reading.
Abigail I know I'm gonna get stoned with comments but I'll do it anyway
THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME thing I watched the movie first they are both the same exact thing
Rachel Klein The books were really good. In my opinion the movies stayed pretty ture to plot.
Avery I loved The Hunger Games, I would sit in math class and read this instead of doing any school work. Well worth it, the book was way better then the movie even though I love me some jlaw. Definitely recommend
Ngọc Linh I watched the movie at first and i love it so i decided to read the book and it was beyond my expectation <3 i love it when you read the book and imagine it with the picture of the film
Elias The movies are amazing and fairly faithful to the books, but there are, of course, some differences.
Jenny I actually found the movies quite good, but they are missing a handful of important events from the books. The violence is tuned down in the movie, but I still think you should read the book! It is fast-paced and fun!!!
Jarreau books are better than movies i read books before movies movies are good books are better the movie actually less tame than book so much left out of movie but beware book is violent than movie !
Usethegoogle I understand this is from a year ago, I clicked this post because I was expecting validation in how I feel about this book. Color me surprised when most people are sitting here saying without a doubt the books are SO good. The books, yes all of them, are horrible. There is NO detail at all. I couldn't get behind this twit of a girl who has no idea that she is the face of the revolution the entire series. The movie added the surrounding that you need to get into a book, I could see where we were, see the faces of the surrounding people. The book gave no detail about what was going on, it is hard to get into a book that is focusing so strongly on the internal, but is throwing so much action on the outside without outside perceptive. Maybe the author was trying to get us in her head, unfortunately I found her such a weak character that I wanted out of her head. The movie is the only saving grace of this series.
Alexandra Since your question was so old, you have probably read The Hunger Games trilogy by now. But, assuming you haven't, please read it! It's one of my favorites, I have read it probably 15 times in the past year. I know, it's crazy, but it proves my point! Read it!
Natalia what genre is it
Sydnee Doctor I'm reading caching fire when I'm dine should I read mockingjay or see the movie first mocking-jay part 2?
Mia The movie isn't as explained as the book. The book tells you a lot more like every other book since you can hear the main character's thoughts where as in a movie you can only hear what they say. I suggest to definitely read the book even though you have seen the movie. It is amazing and the book is waaaay better then the movie, like with every other book/movie :))
JESSICA ALCOCER I watched the movie first as well, but i really loved going back and reading the books because i found the movie super interesting and reading the book just gave me a lot more insight and details on everything.
Lora The books were much better than the movies as is usually the case. Too many important details left out in the movies.
Raji Ayinla The book gives you an even better understanding of the world, though the movie was a very good adaptation. Blown away? I don't know if its that great, but it's a very good read.
Kasia The movie is VERY confusing without reading the book first.. Seriously, THG film is the very first film adapted after a book that was such in LACK of detail. There were many parts (60% of the film) that i ONLY KNEW what was going on because I read the book. Please, take my future advice. NEVER EVER EVER watch a film based on a book without reading the book first (especially if you plan on reading it anyways)
Renee I watched the movie first and then read the book. I understand the movie better now that I have read the book. I am also planning on reading Catching Fire and Mocking jay within the next couple of weeks, so that I have a better understanding of the movies especially mocking jay part 1.
Liam Murray The films miss the points Collins tries to make about the media and haute couture vs. poverty. They focus mostly on teenage romance and violence, and don't even bother explaining why the citizens of Panem begrudgingly let the Capitol play games with their children's lives instead of rioting.
Emma The movie was okay. Catching Fire was a better movie. Mockingjay was like Catching Fire, better than The Hunger Games, but certainly not as good as the books. But, of course, the movies are never as good as the books.
Cassie Autumn You will love the book it finished it in around 17 hours and you will cry if you are a fangirl or have feelings so in the middle even though it is in the movie the detail still made me cry reading that scene.
Regan Wilson Although the movie is good the book is Way better
Faith Johnson Yep You will be blown away. Anyway are you even going to read the over titles. If you are give this a shot!:)
Avneet Sandhar First of all, they missed alot of events in the movie, for example, when madge had given Katniss the pin n the book but in the movie primrose gives he pin and even the part where the avox walked by the table and katniss noticed she had seen her from somewhere but in the movie the avox was giving the drinks and there was this part where in the book haymitch puked on the floor but in the movie he didn't.What I am trying to say is read the book, ou won't regret it.Keep Reading!
Lara Lightwood I did the same thing because I was stupid enough not to know it was based on a book. I enjoyed the movie a lot so [when I heard about the novel] I decided to read the book to get deeper into the story and trust me... I was blown away. You won´t surprised because you already know everything that´s going to happen but I got caught by the story anyway.
Barbara Nalewko I have watched the movie first and as I had too many questions for instance why K says that G has 42 or what excatly did K thought at the end of the book it pushed me to read the book. Movie is good but book is much better there are at least 20-30% of things in the book that you missed watching the movie. Enjoy reading :)
Pene Geard I hardly ever do this but I watched the movie for this book first and the whole time I kept saying to my friend "I bet this is explained better in the book". Then I read the book and I was right haha. I'm kind of glad I did it in that order though because otherwise I think I would have been disappointed in the movie.
J. Taylor Movie. Kind of bias considering I have not read the book but I do not want to which is rare for me, very rare. It's always best to read the book first so if you've watched the movie first (like me) you probably wouldn't be interested in the book. Once you see action on screen it's hard to enjoy the action in the book. I read the first few pages of hunger games and was like no, I'll just stick with the films for this series (which I have never done)
Lavinia I only read a piece of the book. And the movie is way better. The book has lots of details. and I usually watch the movie first . But it's best to read it first .
Lily H The books have too many parts to put all in one movie so you should definitely read the books before seeing the movies. That way you can see what they forgot and know what is going on. I read all three books in three days because I love them so much! I have read the series 3 times! I love how she writes with tension and romance all at once. To answer your question, yes, you will be blown away and should read the book. It isn't that much different but there are parts that are fun to know and then you can make fun of the movie too. I hope you read the book(s) they are super fantastic...
Michael you will love it
Jason the same pretty much
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