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Do you think the book is better to read in German or English?

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Pat Schakelvoort The orginal is in Dutch. I don't think there would be much difference in reading it in German or English.
Julia I was in the same situation as you. I usually prefer to read books in their original language but because I just don't speak Dutch, I had to choose between English and German. In the end, I chose the German version because my thinking was that it might be closer to the original (because of the similarities between German and Dutch).

Interestingly, after reading it I found out that the original German version (the one that was published in 1950) was heavily edited. First of all, it didn't include everything Otto Frank chose not to include (e.g. everything slightly sexual) but also, and more importantly, Anneliese Schütz who originally translated the books, did a pretty bad job. Not only did she completely change Anne's language and style (making her sound a lot older than she actually was) but she also deleted every bit that was insulting the Germans. The newer version was published in 1991 and translated by Mirjam Pressler and is much closer to the original (and also includes the previously censored parts).
BookLovingLady Being Dutch (and having read the book in Dutch), I'm with Pat Shackleford on this one.
Lee Osborne Whatever language you read it in, get the most recent and complete edition you can. Versions published before Otto Frank's death in 1980 were quite heavily edited to remove Anne's more personal thoughts, and also comments critical to others. This was the version I read as a kid. The more recent version I'm reading is translated into better English and is much more complete, and it makes a big difference.
Pippa Lobler I think the best would have to be the original language it was written in, Dutch.
Paxie Well, it REALLY depends on what language you speak. If you speak both, do which ever on best suites you. If they both do, go with the original because it might be more detailed than the English. But because I don't speak Dutch, I chose English.
Sarah English because I don't know Germany nor Dutch
Ian Edward H There is no difference because the book was originally Dutch.
Nicky Vdb It both translated so I don't tink its really a big difference tbh
Kindie Morgan i think this book is CIA's propaganda production.
Jasmina Ulloacarrillo
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Joycelyn Y. English is a better option for me.
Tahira I would like to read in English......
Janicesills i love to read in english .......
Blen The one you best understand it in...
Yuri I would like to read in English.
Catherine its better to read in english
Antonio Robinson Jr. yea, but remember i read the book as better in germany not different . so shje is dead why beacause she nothin feed and more thin and hungry
Harsha Vardhan Better if read in German(If you can) as some of the details could obviously be missing in the English one!

PS : I read in English :))
Ethan If you can read both English and German, definitely read it in German.
Talya Price English and French for me.
Otakore Literantadodist Do you think the book was originally written in German? I don't know why are you asking this. The book was originally written in Dutch. Let's trust the translator and read it in English if you're not native with the author's language.
Uzma anwer I would like to read this book in English.
Dinesh Singh definitely in english!
Ana Barabadze i think in english
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