Goodreads asked Victoria Laurie:

How do you get inspired to write?

Victoria Laurie In 2003 I had been laid off at some terrible desk job, and there were very few prospects coming in. I remember it was early February, and a bad winter with lots cold gloomy days. I started to go a little stir crazy, and one morning I saw Janet Evonivich on a morning talk show and she was speaking about her latest release in the Stephanie Plum series. The premise just interested me, and I went out and bought the first three in the series, even though I had precious little money to spare at the time. I read them back to back over the next forty-eight hours and was blown away. To that moment, I hadn't even considered that an amateur sleuth could exist. I know that sounds incredibly naive, but it simply didn't occur to me that a mystery could use anything but some form of specialist in the field of detecting.
The second I finished the third book in the series, I called my sister and said, "I'm reading this book by this woman who has a sense of humor a lot like mine, and a voice that sounds a bit similar to me. I think I want to write a book. A mystery. And I'm going to use my skills as a psychic to draw from. The main character will be a psychic, and her name will be Abby. Abby Cooper, 'cause it's memorable, you know?"
My sister was all, "That's great, honey!" in that voice that really says, "Oh, is this what you're doing today? Okay, so tomorrow you'll be doing something different? Well, keep me posted, 'cause I really can't keep up." Truly, I couldn't blame her. I was a bit all over the place back then. And, things seem to have worked out with this whole writing gig, so win/win!

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