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I was awkward, scrawny 13 year old when I read the Abhorsen books, often at night, under my bed covers with a torch and little flask of hot chocolate. Now I'm 23... am I aloud to read/like it *freaks out.*

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Megan Um, yes. The beautiful thing about books we enjoy--especially the good ones, and these are good--is that we can read and read and read them anywhere or anyway we like. May I suggest a dollop of Bailey's for that hot chocolate?
Ungelic_is_us Oh, absolutely! There isn't an expiration date on books for a reason: you're allowed to love books forever, and the good ones--like these!--will always grow up with you.
Vona Stewart I know this is an old question, but I'm almost 40 and I am LOVING these books. Reading them for the first time on my Kindle and I love them so much I'm going to buy them all just so they can sit on my shelf.
Waqar I'm rereading the series just to read this one!
Elias It's "allowed", and yes you are totally allowed to like it! We all love the Old Kingdom!
Ari.Ausar Haha, yessss! I just found this site through a friend tonight and started entering books. I figured I'd enter in the first three from this series I read back when I was around 13-14 (25 now) since I liked them so much. That all led me to find out this one came out relatively recently. Super excited to get this book! Glad there's more of us in this boat, they were such cool books to read at that age.
Gillian Carroll If you aren't allowed then I guess I'm not either...but still going to read it anyway :P Love these books!
Maria Adela read them as an adolescent, maybe 14? Iam now 29 and reread the Abhorsen books often and had been anticipating this book for ...well, a while and enjoyed it quite a bit (I always love any morsel written on the unknown bitso f my fave fantasy worlds.)
S Same! I first read them when I was 11 and now I'm 24. Still just as enjoyable!
Katrina I'm 31 and am eagerly anticipating this book - a truly good book shouldn't be restricted by age, so I say read it and enjoy it as much as you like! (And don't be afraid to re-read the Abhorsen books, too. I certainly never get tired of them.)
Cris Same age here. Heck yes!
Hannah Baller YES! I feel that the Abhorsen series are aimed more at adults rather than be teen fiction. There's adult references that wouldn't be in YA books here, and I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the series - it fits very well.
Amber I'm reading them for the first time in my 40's and quite enjoying them.
Sue I'm 35 and I still have my copies, which I also read at 13 years old. Never feel sorry for loving the books you love!
Eliot Ha ha ha. I also read when 13 or so, discovered Clariel now.
Aimee I'm 27 and I read YA and children's books all the time - if you want to read it, then read it, don't worry about whether it's 'allowed' or not ;)
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