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Why does everyone hate Neferet so much?? So far I think Zoey is the most annoying.

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Carolyne It's funny to me how I enjoyed the characters I was suppose to hate. I never hated Aphrodite, I never hated any of the guys Zoey slept with after they broke up and Neferet wasn't too bad either. It feels like, while it was written through Zoey's eyes, we were suppose to hate these characters because Zoey hated these characters. My only problem with Neferet is that she suffers from being in a series that's been drawn out for far too long.
Paranormal_Madness Zoey is the biggest Mary-Sue of a character that I've ever read about, and I've honestly never hated a character more than I've hated her. She's a nasty, hypocritical piece of trash who treats anybody that doesn't worship the ground she walks on like shit, including her boyfriends. She hasn't grown at all since the beginning of the series. Aphrodite and Darius are the only characters that have any real depth to them and are remotely believable. Everyone else is either flat as cardboard or a horribly racist stereotype. I love all the characters we're supposed to hate simply because Zoey hated them, like Aphrodite, Erik, and Neferet.
De'Jah I dont know either. Zoey is an immature character who hasn't grown at all. Neferet, if you read her novella, is the only character, besides Aphrodite, who has a reason to be so hateful, as Zoey would put it. If you look at Neferet's past, you'll realize that Neferet is honestly just a hurt woman who never wants anybody to ever control her or do her wrong like her father did.
Ore to be honest yh sometimes zoey an be really annoying but lets face the facts zoey for 1 is not a hoe she has just dated a lot of guys now lets see erick is just a jealous douche bag who treats zoey like nothing and she was smart to get out of that out now with heath she fought really hard to keep him away but heath loved her soo much that he gave the one thing he could his blood and stuck with her till the very end okay Blake was just a girl using twat who is evil and i am sort of glad that he died stark i mean he is just everything and know that zoey hasn't hooked up with anyone but him once they started dating so she isn't a hoe she went out with 3 guys and slept with 1 guy second all you are saying neferet has a reason to hate zoey she really does not yh she got raped by her father and i now that is just sick and wrong but let's be honest neferet was already evil by the time zoey got there neferet just outed while zoey was there bearing mind that i am only in the 10th book i just think you need to back and re-read your facts on this book because i think without a doubt on my mind that p.c cast has done a amazing job at writing i could remember waiting for the next book never knowing what was going to happen i just love the series next to the fallen series just amazing thank you sooooo much for the series i will miss the books stark,zoey,Aphrodite ........ i actually love them soo much btw i am 13 years old and i see nothing wrong the books
Autumn The point of Neferet is that all villains have a reason for being the way they are. But the fact that everyone is putting down Zoey is cruel! I love her. I find her very relatable and just because of the different guys she has dated doesn't make her a hoe! It's called "being a teenager". How many boyfriends do teens go through? A LOT! This is the point! Some girls are just too trusting and fall in love too easily. People these days are so harsh to others. Grow a heart, all of you.
Liz Honestly, I think most of these comments are overlooking what an author even is.
An author doesn't make a book so that you can absolutely love every character, an author makes a book with different characters who have different personalities that not everyone has to like. When I got to Chosen, I was so annoyed with Zoey and the choices she was making, but that's part of the reason why I love the book series so much. The point of creating characters like Zoey is to draw emotion out of people, because lets be honest, if Zoey didn't have the boy problems she did, it would be so much easier to set the book down. Just because we read the series in Zoey's perspective does NOT mean we have to see everything the way she sees. PC and Kristin Cast did a fabulous job making Zoey's character, and I think we can all agree that when it got to the part with Zoey and Loren, you felt the need to keep on reading to see what would happen, and if that's not true, you're lying to yourself.
Elisha I personally love Neferet. I don't love the things she did throughout the series, but I kept hoping Nyx would find a way to save her too. I wanted her to be redeemed too or at least just set back on the right path and brought back to the light. The series is over and I'm still holding out hope.
maria I don't hate Neferet. As a matter of fact I feel super bad for her. She went through a lot. It's understandable why she turned evil. I mean first she's raped by her step father.. Or was it her real father? I can't remember. Anyways as she says he "Took away her innocence" and destroyed her. Then she was turned into a vampire and given a power that everyone took advantage of, she couldn't trust anyone cause they all wanted her for her power. Then when she found the one thing she found a cute phoenix cat she fell in love with it and described it as being the only thing she cared for. And what happens? The cats insides are ripped inside out and when she prays for help the goddess gives her the power to heal but when she heals the cat he still dies!!!!! Then she finds out she can't find anyone to emotionally satisfy her and fall in love with, and when she does she does its with Kanola and what does that blind idiot do? Fall in love with the sluttiest slut of all time! Zoe.... pfff. I mean cut her a break
Lydiah I don't hate any of the characters. I personally like Zoey better than Neferet, but that is just my opinion. We each have our own opinions,
Cristina Zoey is just a teenager, of course she has doubts, fear and indecision as to which right action to take in relation to certain risk situations. Ever wondered what it must be extresse have the responsibility to resolve all issues regarding everything without any help Nyx saying exactly what she should do, but only in riddles? I do not think the boring Zoey, just insecure even with respect to boyfriends. It would be great that she stayed with Stark because he is always by her side, faced much for her and really loves her.
What about Neferet, she made a conscious choice to seek escutidão. She had the good option, since it was a choice of Nyx. Deserves to be destroyed
Jiya I think that Neferet was an interesting character and it was easier for me to understand her than other characters. Aphrodite was probably my favorite because she went through a huge transformation. Zoey was supposed to have been a role model for other people and while not everyone can be perfect, I feel like her character didn't carry... dignity or make a lot of good choices in general. I can see why people would relate to her in the beginning of the series just because of the age she was supposed to be at, but I would think that gaining abilities and realizing responsibility would make her character grow more as a person.

Also, I read this series back when I was 13ish and I'm 20 and because the characters didn't grow up I kind of got annoyed with the whining and the level of immature drama was overwhelming. I'll be honest here and just say that the last book I seriously read was Burned. It should have ended about there and I don't really plan on reading the later ones ever.
Dejah Madhusankar Neferet is pure evil dude... I know.. Zoey is annoying at times..But partly its also the fact that Neferet causes all this mess for zoey
Eleanor Sykes neferet aint that bad as a person. shes kinda kl. but she is like, evils consort.
R Well Neferet at least has actual reasons for why she is the way she is, as does Aphrodite. Zoey is just a hypocrite. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the series!
Jane I completely agree. Zoey is the most annoying hoe I have come across. She hooks up with almost every guy. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she started having hots for Damian. Best Characters are Neferet and Aphrodite. the Casts have written them well with a good background and throughout the series they have grown. i mean, we love to hate them. Zoey's gang are just too perfect to be true.
Cassidy Whitaker I kinda agree but Neferet is supposed to be the villan and she comes off to be a bitch. But Zoey is a hoe. Aphodite* is my favorite
.·:*¨ × Shannon♥Beel Stole & Ate My Heart × ¨*: She's a terrible villain that won't go away.
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