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Mohit Shukla asked:

What kind of background is required to actually understand this book. I tried reading it once but couldn't understand much. Can anyone tell me the books, I should read first in order to go through The Intelligent Investor. Thanks!

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Kevin Chidiac Personally i didn't read any books prior to reading this one. I just went over to, read all the basics about stocks, bonds, commodities, trading floors(NYSE and NASDAQ chiefly), options, derivatives, etc... and in each page whenever some word was new to me i would lookup its definition and then resume reading. I've only taken one class of economics my entire life, so when i first started reading this book i couldn't understand a thing. But now i have the basic knowledge to understand - at least partially - what the author is talking about. Hope this helps :)
James Dere i would strongly suggest reading finance news that is relevant to you, to start. Bloomberg, WSJ, Economist, yahoo finance.. they all have stories I'm sure you can relate your general environment to. Also, follow stocks in companies that you come across on a daily basis (Apple, McDonald's, etc) look at their price charts and compare it to the news thats coming out. Stick with fundamental analysis first (since it more relatable) then you can move on to technical analysis. good luck
Kunal Chaudhari i'll suggest you this "the neatest little guide to stock market investing" by jason helly.
Deepak I am currently reading this book. I found it a little hard to start because there were so many terms that were unknown to me. But before even starting to read this book, I started to investing ("Gambling" in Mr Graham's language) in stocks and learnt a little from there. After that it got a little easy to understand, after that if I come across any term that is unknown to me, I look for a definition on and then continue reading the book.

While reading this book, taking small notes on side has helped a lot. Though I am also planning for re-read just after few days I have completed reading this.
Patrick Kelligan A good primer to start with from an investor that follows this concept is Rule #1 Investing by Phil Town.
Sophia This is one of our recommended books for beginners. It requires some knowledge, but really sheds light for those who want to become a better investor. If you are interested in learning investing, you can check the other books we recommend here:
Boy Blue The idea is that you don't need any background. This book is written to be read by armchair investors and institutional investors alike. The truth is the terminology may catch you out, so stay near an internet connection. This edition does have some great footnotes and analysis after each chapter to explain what is happening. Zweig's analysis is also really easy to understand; between him, Graham and an encyclopaedia you should be fine.
Jai Hari You dont need any sort of background to read this book.Just a basic knowledge about investment will give you much clear understanding about the book.If you are looking to learn about financial markets like stock market,commodity markets etc you can visit as they have free learning resources on financial markets.
sebastian With this book you can start to invest in every country. I don't read too about investing but I think is a very smart person who wrote this book. You can invest with inflation (in your country) with this book.
Matthieu Huang When I didn't understand something in the book, I just looked it up on Investopedia. Otherwise, it does explain things quite well. For example, the difference of a corporate bond to a US treasury bond (one being insured by the Fed, making it the safer investment), but it doesn't explain what a bond is. For jargon like that you can check it out on Investopedia.
Amin Read Financial times guide to investing
JESSICA CELIA I also feel the same.
Thomas Goral Started to day dream reading this book
Ishan Rayani its not that hard to understand you just have to take it step for step
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