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Gabby I would rather stick live octopuses onto my cornea than read this trash again.
Rin Nope. Its a wonder why people compare this thing with the hunger games and divergent . This is absolute crap . But hey maybe you 'll like it .
Becca J I absolutely loved it!! If you liked Divergent, Hunger Games, or Maze Runner, you will love this book. It is about a girl who everyone thinks is insane. I loved the point of view. I thought it was amazing!!!
Deanna Absalom It depends on what you are looking for in a book. Are you looking for a romance with dystopian elements? Then it is alright. Are you looking for a fast paced adventure with a dystopia as the setting? Then no. But this is just my opinion.
Don Preston I'm afraid that I thought it was terrible. There are far better books out there in this genre.
Megan A big fat NO. Don't waste your time. This book is awful and so poorly written.
Miss Naseweis Comparing it to books like Hunger Games is an insult.
No, this book is no good.
Violet tbh im only reading it for the part were warner says "lift your hips for me love" so yeah
Hannah It's pretty bad.
Lorna As others have said I think it really depends on what you look for in a book; themes, writing styles, development...
I liked the concept and the possibilities but found the writing style really off putting, it didn't flow right for me reading it. I understand some of this was to help express the main character's personality & POV, I just don't think it was necessary to be so jam-packed like that throughout.
There is great material in there, i.e some of the metaphors, the problem is the amount used to describe every little thing.
A case where less is more could have applied to the abundance of styles & techniques used.

I liked the characters, the witty dialogue and the storyline.
I'd say give it a go, you'll know pretty early on whether or not it's for you, because as I said it's strong presence of language techniques start from page 1 and only end when the book does.
Mekiah Johnson It's not the best book I have ever read, but it is really good and addicting, I think it is well written.
Tiffene Larose This book is AMAZING. you should really read it. there is a little bit of inappropriate language and actions. but it is amazing. I love it how the author write all the girl's thoughts down in so much detail. Some parts have so much detail and emotion in it that my eyes started getting watery. I was so into it I finished it in 1 day (I normally take over a week to finish books). This book can really relate to Divergent, The Maze Runner and the Hunger games so if you liked those books you should read it.
Katie Yes I have heard about and I found the auto online and i haven't stop listening to it. I had to force myself to stop to listening and do stuff. This is a good distopian/ post-Apocalyptic book. I rate this with the Lunar chronicles, Legend trilogy, Hunger Games and Divergant. I just hope that the series doesn't end the same way as divergant.
Lucy Fukuhara Inamine If you are looking for a distopian book, then you won't like this book. This is more like a "Twilight book" a teenage romance book rather than a distopian like The Hunger Games or Divergent. It's a romance with a little trace of distopian elements, but I wouldn't classify it as a distopian book for sure.
Inas yesssssssssss
if you like the maze runner, the hunger games, divergent.
then this is perfect for you.
i absolutely loveeeeeeeeeee this book
Manha Ch I really didn't like it. Juliette was a problematic and annoying protagonist and Warner was a creep.
Katia I've seen all the answers and I just have to say do what you want. 'Cause some people said it is trash and an insult and some others said it is amazing. Just try.
(And people in the comments, STOP saying trash about the book if you didn't like it there are other ways of saying it)
Kamal Personally, this series is one of my absolute favorites. A lot of the times in a love triangle I root for the less obvious one and I love how this series has so many twists its perfect a definite must read!
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noëlle Personally, I thought this book was awesome. Maybe not the best book of the series--that I can agree with--but the series is definitely worth the read, in my opinion of course. I'm truly obsessed by the whole series, especially once Ignite Me starts and the rest begins. :)
Kajsa O. I've loved it so far, and couldn't even put it down yesterday!!! Just be warned, the beginning is really slow. But once you get about 100 pages in, it is seriously the best!
WeAreGiants wasn't bad apart from the gross romantic scenes. the writing style is pretty good.
Luciana Sunnui I loved this book! Beautiful and lyrical.
Layla Yes, it is good. Once you get past Juliette being a whiner, it is a really good book.
joslin No. It has little to no plot, and it is very cliche in aspects you wouldn't expect a "dystopian" to be cliche in.
Forrest This book is a straight dumpster fire. Avoid it.
light This book wasn't good at all, it was almost horrible. But the second book was so much better, and if this book was erased and forgotten, it would've done the trilogy a lot of good.
kimber i personally loved this book and i cannot wait to read the rest of the series. it depends on your preferences - its romance heavy and instantly gets you hooked from the start. you should read it and see if you like it or not!
Juliette Warner Yes this book is amazing. you should definitely read it if you like action & adventure and dystopian books! even if you don't or aren't familiar with these genres, i think you should still give it a try.
Julliete Briar Honestly, i loved it. If youve got a thing for powerful protagnist who doesnt know how to use it and (in my opinion) great world building, then yeah, some great romance too.
Georgia Catherine I don't know why so many people seem to dislike this book. Maybe it's not for them but that doesn't mean it's 'trash'. I personally loved it. Favourite dystopian series.
Lauren Cable yes, it's absolutely amazing! Trust me and read it!
Gregory green hey my dudette gabby,

a rough day? 8 years ago? Its alright we all have those moments from time to time.

#staytruetoyourself :]
Lily This was the first booktok book I read that got me back into reading, and i loved it. and as you go through the series it gets better and better.
Lorelei Hendrix I personally loved the series. The first book is probably the worst but it gets better as it goes
Chantell Saunders Reading it felt like regurgitating a live bird with ‘eyes like 2 buckets of rainwater: deep, fresh, clear.’ -barf-
Jaymn 26 I really love this book. I personally think the different style of writing with numbers, strikethrough, and repetition is so beautiful and Juliette's character growth (though she is a bit of a coward in the beginning) is just the best (also warner simp over here lmao)
Elizabeth "Libby" Shatter Me is not anywhere close to Hunger Games, which has well-developed--and believable--characters and conflict, or even Divergent, which definitely felt like a "copy cat" of HG. (The first Maze Runner was okay, but I didn't want to invest the time in four more.)

There is too much going on with the overdone and unbelievable romance AND the war/supposed-to-be dystopian idea AND the psychologically-disturbed heroine/hero/villain (seriously: all three have major issues?!?). This is DEFINITELY more like Twilight than Hunger Games.
anaya it depends on the reader, personally i loved this book :)
Amelie Vinluan I loved this book, overall 10/10!!!
Grace Heim Honestly, I thought it was a really great book, it helped advance my reading skills. When taking an Ap Literature course it allowed me learn how to find the specific word choices and analyze the authors style of writing. It made it easier for me to become a better reader and writer. But that is just my opinion. I loved the story line and the way it was written.
Lilia I can not say that it is the best book ever but it was good. I would not compare it to the hunger games but it is still very good. On another note I am not very found of series and usually don't ever read the second book in any series yet this book was actually so good I did, I am currently reading the novella and its really nice to see the different perspectives.
Hannah I loved this book. I understand why some felt that it wasn't a good book but I think as you progress on in the series it gets better. I'm on the 4th book and i'm in awe of how much better it has gotten.
Bia YES! THE BEST literally i loved this book sm.its so good read it!
rachel this book isn't my favourite one of the series but i think it was rly well-written and quite fast paced
Elisa Reka I really loved this, it's kind of if you put divergent, hunger games, and marvel into a series, also the author is very good and is one of my favorite. The first book isn't that great but if you keep reading it gets better.
Vera This book was a hard no for me. I couldn't even finish it.
Jamie Beifong yes the book is good but the beginning is slow it may seem like crap sometimes but you wont get it without reading all 10 books to understand the storyline better but it truly is a good book series and beautiful.
KR The idea and it's potential were promising but wasted on an absolutely absurd way of writing.
Erin Bronn What Gabby said -_-
Rachel Malaguit Absolutely not. I don't understand how the writer landed a book deal. Complete waste of time and money. One of the worst books I've read.
sarah its literally one of my favorites. i've read it four times. its focuses more on internal emotions and romance than it does on the actual conflict, which is what I was looking for in this book.
the characters are frustrating.
Reese Lynn I think the overall all story has lots of potential but nothing turns out the way you want it to, if you know what I mean. :/
marydeg I really liked it! It has romance, some action, and is futuristic. If you liked Hunger Games, Red Queen, the Selection. If you don't like romances you will not like the series, but if you do it's great!
Dakota one of the best books I have ever read, I would definitely recommend!!!!!!!
NixxyGrav720 Must not have been that bad if u read the whole thing.
Felicity Im just about to say that this book is good( but second is better ) when i look at when this was posted.
Sara I really, really loved it!
Em427 This is my favourite series. It has good romance, but also a really engaging, fast paced plot. Definitely worth reading
shmava It was amazing! Favorite book of all time, read it in a day.
Paris It's good but I think the further you get into it the better it gets.
Jade It is amazing! if you like books with very good writing this is for you. the story line is a little slow but the other books move much faster.
Avaminn F'nett Well, do you like Dystopian Romance with love triangles? If so, you'd probably like it.
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