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Is this book any good?

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Becca J I absolutely loved it!! If you liked Divergent, Hunger Games, or Maze Runner, you will love this book. It is about a girl who everyone thinks is insane. I loved the point of view. I thought it was amazing!!!
Deanna Absalom It depends on what you are looking for in a book. Are you looking for a romance with dystopian elements? Then it is alright. Are you looking for a fast paced adventure with a dystopia as the setting? Then no. But this is just my opinion.
Gabby I would rather stick live octopuses onto my cornea than read this trash again.
Katie Yes I have heard about and I found the auto online and i haven't stop listening to it. I had to force myself to stop to listening and do stuff. This is a good distopian/ post-Apocalyptic book. I rate this with the Lunar chronicles, Legend trilogy, Hunger Games and Divergant. I just hope that the series doesn't end the same way as divergant.
Rin Nope. Its a wonder why people compare this thing with the hunger games and divergent . This is absolute crap . But hey maybe you 'll like it .
Lorna As others have said I think it really depends on what you look for in a book; themes, writing styles, development...
I liked the concept and the possibilities but found the writing style really off putting, it didn't flow right for me reading it. I understand some of this was to help express the main character's personality & POV, I just don't think it was necessary to be so jam-packed like that throughout.
There is great material in there, i.e some of the metaphors, the problem is the amount used to describe every little thing.
A case where less is more could have applied to the abundance of styles & techniques used.

I liked the characters, the witty dialogue and the storyline.
I'd say give it a go, you'll know pretty early on whether or not it's for you, because as I said it's strong presence of language techniques start from page 1 and only end when the book does.
Inas yesssssssssss
if you like the maze runner, the hunger games, divergent.
then this is perfect for you.
i absolutely loveeeeeeeeeee this book
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Mekiah Johnson It's not the best book I have ever read, but it is really good and addicting, I think it is well written.
Tiffene Larose This book is AMAZING. you should really read it. there is a little bit of inappropriate language and actions. but it is amazing. I love it how the author write all the girl's thoughts down in so much detail. Some parts have so much detail and emotion in it that my eyes started getting watery. I was so into it I finished it in 1 day (I normally take over a week to finish books). This book can really relate to Divergent, The Maze Runner and the Hunger games so if you liked those books you should read it.
Kamal Personally, this series is one of my absolute favorites. A lot of the times in a love triangle I root for the less obvious one and I love how this series has so many twists its perfect a definite must read!
Em427 This is my favourite series. It has good romance, but also a really engaging, fast paced plot. Definitely worth reading
Hannah It's pretty bad.
Don Preston I'm afraid that I thought it was terrible. There are far better books out there in this genre.
Lucy Fukuhara Inamine If you are looking for a distopian book, then you won't like this book. This is more like a "Twilight book" a teenage romance book rather than a distopian like The Hunger Games or Divergent. It's a romance with a little trace of distopian elements, but I wouldn't classify it as a distopian book for sure.
shmava It was amazing! Favorite book of all time, read it in a day.
ParisOConnell It's good but I think the further you get into it the better it gets.
Noor This book wasn't good at all, it was almost horrible. But the second book was so much better, and if this book was erased and forgotten, it would've done the trilogy a lot of good.
Megan Marvel A big fat NO. Don't waste your time. This book is awful and so poorly written.
Jade It is amazing! if you like books with very good writing this is for you. the story line is a little slow but the other books move much faster.
Avaminn F'nett Well, do you like Dystopian Romance with love triangles? If so, you'd probably like it.
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