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I really didn't like the movies, should I read the books? :s

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Angel Fernando The movie is a crime. Read the book at once.
Juli Brom Yeah, pretty much everyone here is 100000000% correct, and by now you should have already read the book, but add to everyone here DUDE THE MOVIES BRING SHAME TO EVERYONE'S RICE FEILDS AND COWS THAT MADE NO SENSE BUT STILL THE BOOK IS LIKE *AHHH FLOATS DOWN FROM OLYMPUS*
Lori the book are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better. and I HATED the Sea of Monsters movie...... so. many. MOVIE ERRORS.
Elli The movies don't even make sense when you read the books. You NEED to read them. AMAZING series!
C Owens The books are absolutely fantastic while the movies are basically the scum of the earth.
Rebecca Somehow I don't think you need anymore convincing, but YES! Read the books. I like to pretend that the movies don't exist.
Kathy Yeah seriously the movies were absolutely terrible and inaccurate to the books you need to read the books
Lila Yes, the movies are horrible and the books are really good. They twisted the plot sooo much!
Ruby Yes. The movies were a complete failure to the movies. I was so disappointed because the books are my favorite books ever. You need to read the books so the series can slightly regain its dignity.
shay The movie wasn't even based on the plot of the book. The book is much better. Believe me.
Urban Reader I highly recommend reading all the books. Forget the movies. I'm a 47- year-old girl and I enjoyed the whole series.
choco sarah i watched the movie first and then when i read this book.it's feel like i was reading a different book..
Reagan Feil Yes! read the books!

Movies and books are totally different!
They kind of have the same character's but the quest's uh,... Motive? is completely different!

so read the books, if you don't like them, I don't know how to help.
(you probably already have, seeing you question is three years ago)
Annyomos The movies were horrible.
Sherry Rai You HAVE NOT lived until you read ALL of the Percy Jackson series. After that I totally recommend reading the second series : Heroes Of Olympus. It has Percy in it!!!!!! The movies really sucked,The only part in the movie that I ACTUALLY liked is whenever Percy is in trouble,Poseidon talks to him in Percy's head!!!
Haniya The The movies are NOTHING like the books. Trust me. The books are a gift to the human race.
Patricia Faithfull Yes! The three act structure of a film does not begin to accomplish what an author can do without that constraint.
Princess Zelda YES!!!! THE BOOK IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!
Jasmine Natasha The movies are the worst thing that ever happened to cinema. PLEASE don't judge Percy Jackson off of them. READ THE BOOKS.
Nuray The plot of the film and the series is completely different. Personally, the book is insane!!! More adventurous and amazing events going on in both.
D.2 Hi. I’m a big Percy Jackson fan and have read all of the books and accompanying series. The movies divert from the original source material. Rick Riordan himself has said he didn’t like them at all. They change the entire plot and premise and besides, the characters start off as 13 NOT 16 like portrayed in the movies. The books are much better, in regards to character development, plot and setting. My advice? READ THE BOOKS (they’re awesome!)

Hope this helps :)
ce wheatley The movies were nothing compared to the books. After reading the Percy Jackson series, I recommend the Heroes of Olympus. You'll figure out the other series then, I'm sure. Happy reading!! <3
Syd The movies could basically sell for a different series, and at that a bad one.
You should definitely read the books!
Vansh Dhirwani The movies do no justice to the books. The books are really good and addicting. I have finished the series and boy oh boy is it awesome.
Logan The movies are so bad! Read the book!
Aubri Yessss, the movie was nothing like the book. there was so much more action and detail. I love the combination of ancient greek history with modern day life. And to be honest I didn't like the movie either.
Kalil Dude, haven't you learned; THE MOVIES ARE ALWAYS WRONG! Bro that common sense right there
Ivan Kuadey The movies sucked, I'm glad they aren't making anymore! You should definitely read the books. Brings much more detail than the movies
Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) We do not speak of the movie scum... We only speak of the book.
Book good, movie adaption of said book bad.
Emylea One simple answer yes.
Whitney I thought that the book was a lot better than the movie. But, the second book, was really bad. You can't start with the movies, you have to start with the books.
Addison Dixon The book was much better than the movie (in my opinion) by far!! I enjoyed the first book. It was good and quite entertaining.
Elisa Thanks all for the honest answers and I'm definitely planning to read the series :)
Sandra Margaret The movie doesnt makes sense.Read the book you vil surely enjoy it :)
Kenzi Staley yes read the books the movies suck the books are way better
Eva G Yes.. You should, I started reading this series and I could not put it down, I have re read each book many times and I can tell you from reading them all... They are amazing don't judge a book by its movie, caus percy Jackson is probably the best series you can find to date
Kaila Yesss, it's a really good book. I was forced to read it by my teacher last year, and didnt really want to. But by the end of the book, I wanted to read the second books
Flora You should definitely read the books. The movie might have been good by itself, but it was SO inaccurate to the actual book. It got two of the main characters wrong!! Rick Riordan is such a great writer and has, I think, three series he's written, so if you like him, there are plenty more books!
Sara (Living by Booklight) Leya Yep, you should read it! The books are way worse than the movie. The book definitely makes up for the movie with its awesomeness. The movies are really cheesy and badly made. Read the books if you want to see the series' full potential.
Natalie I think you should read the books because usually the movies are nothing like the books
Tess Mccracken the movie was nothing like the book the book is amazing
Alex yeah the books are way better than the movies
Stephany Yes you really should! The books are completely different, the movie didn't relate to the book at all, it was very annoying, they are an amazing series and totally worth the read!!
Edan Aso The movies are definitely a sad reflection of the book. You should definitely read the books.
Hermione Granger THE MOVIES BRING SHAME TO THE BOOKS!!!! YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOK TO GET THE ACTUAL STORY!!! This series is amazing that it's honestly sad the movies were so terrible.
Stella The books are Percy. The movies are...Kronos
Zack Del Campo read them, they are the best books ever. The movies dont give the book justice..
Rose omg the movies are the worst,they bring shame to the series. you should 100% read the books!
James#Brawl Stars yes. the movie didn't put any good detail in it . like the fight between ares and percy!
Rty The movie is fucking garbage. You don't have to read the book, but just saying, don't go off of the movies.
A-Proud-Idiot :) The movies is GARBAGE. Read the book.....please I beg you. I beg you. Oh my gods I beg you
Serena Q Its fun, read it!!!!!
Plus, you should always read a book BEFORE watching a film or movie,
because then you can image it YOUR way, how YOU like it😎😋
Reyna Yes. The movies are so bad. Read the books.
Elizabeth L. Read the books!! I've seen bits of the movie and with just a few clips I can tell it is not in anyway correct.
alienxx totally different from the two books. hades was evil in the movie?? whatt-- that makes no FUCKING sense. the books, however, make sense. but srsly the ppl didnt think correctly when they wrote the books. u should def read the books.
extra note:
every1 agrees but love the books. the movies are SOO FUCKING TERRIBLE
Nick if you dont enjoy the movie its ok if you dont enjoy the book your the scum of this earth
Natalee The movies are terrible, they aren't even close to the books. So the answer would be, YES.
Hanna The movies are an atrocity. Read the books immediately!!!
Tanvi The movie is a stupid as Percy. Read the books!
Olivia Nash Ive never met a person who liked the movies more than the books. The entire fandom agrees that the movies are absolute garbage. The books are my all-time favorite books- and they are 1000% Worth the read!
Brandon Savant yes read it asap
Khushi Manoj The movies are the worst adaptation of a book ever. the book was so good and the movie just wants to make me punch the screen. By the way a Disney + percy Jackson series is coming in 2022. Thhis will be better thant the movies cause Uncle Rick is helping them.
Divi The books are not the accurate adaptation AT ALL. As films, they work out, but as adaptations, forget it they're trash. But the books are a must-read, if you enjoy mythological fiction.
s i m m i YES. They movies were nothing like the books.
Studym To be honest, Books are always better than the movies. You will get a lot lot more detail with the books and the movie was a mess.

Close your eyes and go for the books.
Hayley Pezza YES! The movies are Not good! Read the books there different!
Jack Yessss the movies are way worse than the books
Hazel you posted this six years ago so i am hoping you have read the books by now. But yes, the movies suck
Dana yes i love this book

Kimiya Mushtaq Yes! Please read the book. Big fan of them. The movies are literally another story.
Dakota yes the movies suck ass and shoud not exsist and Rick Riordan dont even like them
Wesley THe movies are complete garbage wash out your brain then read the books. Seriously who watches a movie before reading the books
Ammara Child, the movies are absolute garbage!!! They even got one of the main characters hair colors wrong! 😑 like who does that?! But yea, the books you will love. But just beware that Rick kinda likes being a murderer some times (half the times) after Percy Jackson’s should read the other series!
Grace H Definitely, the movies are nothing like the books. The only thing they really have in common: there's a guy named Percy Jackson. The books are amazing and have much more details. If you've read the book and then seen the movie's you will notice how awfully wrong the movies are.
Nada Al-Mahbashi The movies are a shame to the book series; the novels are a thousand times superior and all of the movies are inaccurate. Do not equate the book series to the film adaptations.
Oscar The movies suck and the books are amazing.
End of discussion.
Lily Halim OMG YOU SHOULD READ THE BOOKS because its wayyyy better than the movies
Zander O. The movie is PURE TRASH!!!
Mya Emmert READ THE BOOKS! I thought the movies were good, but when I read the books I was like ¨Ok this does not even deserve to be called Percy Jackson¨ Definitely read the books. NEVER compare the movie to the books.
LUVbooks_3000 Please read the books, the movies completely deviated from the entire storyline of the books and the books are beautiful and a masterpiece and NOTHING like the movies.
Tory Chrome The book is way better than the movie, the same basic plot line is the same, but everything else is messed up, the charcaters looks, sometimes even the order of events! the books is very funny, interesting, intriguing, and AMAZING!
Kali thomas Yes, the movie is nothing like the book the book is way better and way self-explanatory.
Dimitri Meder The movies feel like a confused child trying to explain the books to his friend, while also making them more action packed, removing the intelligence, and trying to cram the entire last half of the series into the second movies ending.
Zachery Wilkerson Do not watch the movies in fact if you see a copy do not even pick it up it will ruin your perception on the book in fact the author basically disowned the movie.In fact here's the link to the author's letter to the moviemakers,
Rick did an amazing job on the books and you should watch it to cleanse your mind from the movie.
Nora Yes!!! The movie is NOTHING like the book. The movie leaves out so many interesting and parts that are needed to understand that make the book better. So yes read it!!!!
Izzy ❀ READ THE BOOKS. The movies are terrible compared to the books
Addie Yes yes yes yes. The movies were so off, and yes the movies always do leave out a little info, but the movies practically left out the WHOLE book. The books are so much better than the movies.
Avery Yeah, even people who are in love with the books hate the movies. Pretty much we don't count is as a part of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. But I would 100000000000000000000000000000000% recommend the books.
Joe G The movies are completely different. (Personally I really thin they aren’t great compared to the books)
Zaly Yes! Read the books! The movies are nothing like the series and don't even hold a candle to it.
spoom YES!!! and (posting this in 2020) there will be a show series and rick riordan will have a say in it so i am faithful that this show will be better than the movie
Fox Yes, because the movies aren't ANYTHING like the books. The books are AWESOME!
mossedrocks Both of the movies suck. READ THE BOOKS. SO MUCH BETTER!!
Megan Never judge a book by its movie. I read the series and watched the movie and was all like .o. Sorry, what happened here? But yeah go ahead read it. (realizes question is from 5 years ago .0.)
Blakely Wilson Yeah the movies were pretty bad. The books were AMAZING!!!!!!
Caedon Hawks everything in the movie is wrong
David Casado The Books are sooo much better
Nika Maria D I LOVED the books. I am Rick Riordan's probably #1 fan. I have all his books and read them at least 3-5 times.
The movies are HORRIBLE, because in the first movie, they smashed the 1st and 5th books together then wanted to make a movie about the second book. UGH
I Love the book is amazing. yes, the movie was terrible, but the book is different from the movies. The book has a great main character with supporting characters and a great villain. it also has awesome action.
K. T. The books are completely different from the movies you should definitely read the books. And let me give you some advice Never Judge A Book By Its Movie!!
Kells Usher THE BOOK IS AMAZING YOU NEED TO READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ameerah I read the first 3 movies and had to cry myself to sleep for the next 8 years, they were so horrible! READ THE BOOKS, YOU MUST READ THE BOOKS!!!
Rennat Leblanc Never judge a book by its movie (unless it's like, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" or something).
Finnegan yes definitely the movies were way worse than the books
Olivia&#x1f499; The book is like..........WAAAAYYYYYYYYY better than the movie. The movie brings shame to the book. SHAME. Definitely worth reading the entire series.
Eileen yes i have watched some of the movies and they are not the greatest but thankfully i watched them after i read the books and the boooks are incredible so yes you should read hem
Sarah Bruh...
The books are like 95% of the time better than the movies. There are a few exceptions, but this is not one of them. READ THE BOOKS!!!
Corey Naire you definitely should. The movies may be total peggy, but the books are absolutely amazing. I have re-read them so many times, and I still love them.
Alexis The books are sooooooooooooooooo much better than the movies. There are so many parts in the movies that don't even follow with the books.
Kelly Yes the movies are awful
Lily YES! the movies are awful, and a totall waste of your time. The books, however, are AMAZING!!!
Olivia Harris The books were some of the most amazing I've ever read. The movies shouldn't even say that they are based off of the books because I see very little that is the same about them.
Anthony Curioso Often times, the books are so much better
katie Absolutely. The books are well written and make more sense than the movies.
Luingalad The author said 'that schools should never show the films'. This is partly to do with the films are nothing like the books, they have changed the story that is doesn't represent at all. It happening to a lot of books when made into films or tv shows.
Famita Reads, Writes and Reviews Yes, you MUST read the books. As the fans say, "Don't judge a book by it's film adaption, and that goes especially for Percy Jackson"
I didn't liked the movies either. They step TOTALLY out of the real plot of the book.
Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} you should totally read them. I saw parts of the movies, and they're not great at all. The books are waayy better and would recommend them to you.
Fishface Well, yeah! The movie is never as good as the book! I confess I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm choosy and I liked this book.
Ashanti Skelton the books are not even correct. the movies make the books look terrible. READ THE BOOKS!!
Jennifer Maloney I watched the movie first and the book feels basically the same. It's the same storyline, same characters, same plot. Not much backstory or anything added. If you didn't like the movie, you probably wouldn't like the book.
Alexa De You should, and I agree the movies aren't that good but if Rick was involved in the production it might have been as good as the harry potter movies (but not better lol)
Matthew M The movies are VILE, if the people who directed the Percy Jackson movies this is for you, SHAME SHAME YOU DISGRACED THE BOOKS AND TARNISHED IT'S REPUTATION, SHAME SHAME. Any way the books are flipping AMAZING and the The Heroes Of Olympus=flipping AMAZING, all other Rick Riorden mythology books=AMAZING.
Emma YESSSSSSS DEFIANATLY read the books!!! I've read some of them and watched half of sea of monsters, but it was HORRIBLE!!!! So DEFINATLY
read the books
Ever OF COURSE! If you don't read the book, it's like drinking only the cream in mocha.
Max Uuuuuuh yeah you should.
Alexandra Goel Yes! The movies are absolutley unacceptably terrible. The books are the BEST!!!!
Grayson Hartfield oh,you should definitely read this. It is the first of a great series.
Melody Most definitely. The book is 99 out of 100 times better than the movie. They always have a multitude of inaccuracies that mess with the flow of the story.
Reagan Ketchum The books give more details. Plus you are right the movies aren't always as good as the books.
Gauri Oh God YES
Let's just never compare a movie to a book
Books are 100000% better than movies so chances are that even if you hated a movie, you'll at least like the book if not love it
Percy Jackson series is absolutely magic.. PLEASE READ
John the movies are so bad compared to the books
Lauren When books have movies, most of the time there are some things that are completely off topic to the book. You should definitely read the book! I read this book last year, THEN watched the movie. The movie was great in all, but lots of key points from the book were missing.
Books are WAYYY better than their "movies".
Bella Yes. You should definitely read the books. I loved them! Five stars!
Uma The movies are terrible you should really read the books
Megan Fogg The movies were NOTHING like the books! You should totally read this book!
Kaili Absolutely. The movies really gave me a bad view on the series but after reading the books i found that the series is really great. After reading the books i looked back on the movies and realized how TERRIBLY TERRIBLE they were.
DeAnna L Coleman Always read the book first when it comes to Rick Riordan
Catnip Everdeen The book is always better than the movie.
Hermione Yes! The movies aren't that bad, but they are pretty inaccurate. Though there may be spoilers from the movies, it's a great series and a much better plot. And just try to forget the movies and let the books tell you the REAL story.
Katelyn Johnson YES. I read the first two books in this series before the movies and when I saw the movies I was super disappointed. The books are FANTASTIC
Desy DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS MOVIE, because almost all of the Percy Jackson fans (including me) agree that the movie had almost nothing to do with the book. The book is fantastic, full of action and humor that will actually make you chuckle or laugh, and a long plot that will all make sense in the end.
Saida Omg, you need to read the books. The movies are totally different
Lyss This was so long ago, but if you haven't read them, oh my gosh, you have to. I liked the movies as their own separate thing, but compared to the books, they were nothing. I started reading these books when I was in the fifth grade, and still read them all the time. They are amazing, so smart, and just overall the best series I have every read.
Ximena yes, i saw the movies too, i hated the movies, but because i had already read the books before, the books have more details and are awesome!!
ReiraMavis the movies are NOTHING like the books these books are soooooooo amazing that i die of amazing-ness I love any book written by rick Riordan because he's just the best authour ever this series is actually the best thing every I practically worship these books!!!!!!!!!!!
Talia The movies are awful. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!!! The books are WAAAYYYY better!!! I hated the movies but this is my all-time favorite book series.
Zoe I.L.K. the movies were basically what Avatar the last Airbender did to the tv show
Julia Knapp Yes!!!!! The books give you sou much background knowledge that is so interesting! READ THEM RIGHT NOW!!!!!
Navya Uuh yeah!!! The movies are so bad!! Read the books they are amazing! One of the best things that happened in my life!
Katie The movies stink. The books are great. Go to this link, https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog.... It will explain every thing.
Megan Gable You really just NEED to read the books because the books and the movies are NOTHING ALIKE that is what makes me REALLY mad. If Rick directed these movies then he should REALLY be disappointed with himself. If Rick didn't direct these movies then I think he should get the people who DID direct the movies and hurt them.
Annabella Caserana Don't even THINK about comparing the books to the movies. The movies are a disgrace. WIPE THEM FROM YOUR MEMORY AND READ THE BOOKS!
Tracy Rine Read them. Literally, the best five seconds of the Sea of Monsters movie is Luke telling Perc to get off his roof.
Erin ok i could talk about how much i hate the movies for making people think that the books suck because the movies sucked for hours but I'm not gonna do that. The books are amazing they are definitely one of my favorite book series of all time. the books are completely different from the movies the plot is really different and the kids are 12 not like 16 the books are amazing and if you watched the movies first there are like no spoilers in the movies about the book plot line because they're so different i definitely would recommend this book to everyone even if you're not a kid
Achilles Patroclus READ it without any doubts!!!! The movie really isn't good!!!!
JaceBeleren Read the books! The movies literally have nothing to do with the books!
Masha These books are so amazing that I can't get over them! The movies are not too good but these books are a for sure must read!
Meesha Yes you must read this book. This is awesome! There is a lot of difference in the movie and the book. I liked this book so much that I read this book twice. I found the book more thrilling than the movie...:)
I will ship you two so fast... I strongly disagree with the views of the person asking this question, should I get mad about it and try to start an internet comment war?
Dude, no. My philosophy is: don't watch the movie till you finish the book.
Jorilyn Gaa You should read the books! It's amazing!
Charlie Last_Name Absolutely read the books. The movies, in my opinion, were really bad!
Josh The books are 1,000,000 times better then movies. Read the book and then watch the movie again and you'll laugh out loud
Lydia Gray Every single other 57 people or correct times infinity. READ THE BOOKS! THE MOVIES ARE TERRIBLE! THEY DISINCLUDE SO MANY THINGS AND DONT MAKE SENSE! You HAVE to read the Percy Jackson and Olympians series
Kathleen The Lightning Thief Book > The Lightning Thief Movie.

The book is one thousand billion, six hundred twenty-nine times better than the movie!!!!

Megan YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't judge the book from the movie you will be soooooooo glad you gave it a chance.
Michael Nerve judge a book by it's movie
Pranav the movies are terrible. read the books!
Devante Martin Yes I think you should
Ann Don't watch the movies!!!!!!
BillyBobJones READ IT IT IS AWESOME. it is one of my favorite series
Leslie Anduyan read. just read it.
Alice Woodland (alicethroughthebookstore) Definitly read the books. All of the fans were disappointed in the movies. Just because the movies weren't that great doesn't mean you won't like the books.
Puff Tbh I think the books are a million times better then the movies, so yes :)
Paven Yes, you should defiantly read the books! The movies, are okay but the books are so much better that the movie! The books are hilarious! Please read the books! Don't let the movie ruin it for you!
Arvind GB I didn't like it either, but the book is way more bettr.. try it
Alexis Villarreal The movies don't represent the books, the books are way more awesome and explains more about the story.
Thomas Fill definitely read the books
its worth your time!
Amanda Hill YES!!! The movies were beyond awful.
Sarah Starfish Spencer the movies are better. Grover is pretty swag in the movies, and the books are plain stupid.
God'sgirl The movies are nothing to the books its like their separate stories definetely a must read!!!
Whiteheart Awashreh The movies have nothing to do with the books
Jo I've never seen the movies but the books were awesome. I gave all of them 5 star.
Dj Ainsworth Yes!!!!! Read them, they are amazhang!! They are much better than the movies, the movies are so stupid, off plot, and have nothing to do with the books!!
Trinity Sandberg The movies don't even follow the book. Whats up with that.
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