Unsaid by Avery Aster
Favorite Gay Couples
2,859 books — 3,655 voters

Best M/M Dark and Edgy Books of 2015
59 books — 201 voters
Best M/M Self-Published Books of 2015
133 books — 453 voters

Best Underrated M/M Books of 2015
110 books — 270 voters
Best M/M Contemporary Books of 2015
335 books — 1,298 voters

Four Week Fiancé by Helen    Cooper
The "Can't Wait" Books of 2015
2,185 books — 12,332 voters
The Light House by Jason Luke
103 books — 291 voters

One Night Stand by J.S. CooperTycoon by J.S. CooperThis Man of Mine by J.S. Cooper
Most Anticipated Romances of 2015
1,411 books — 6,244 voters

Ten Christmas Brides by Ruth Cardello
Great Holiday Romance Reads
524 books — 857 voters
When is the Next One!?!
441 books — 1,454 voters

Love, Lex by Avery AsterYours Truly, Taddy by Avery Aster
College Romance
1,319 books — 8,225 voters

The Playboy by J.S. CooperFinding My Prince Charming by J.S. CooperIndulge by Angela  GrahamIllusion by J.S. Cooper
Most ANTICIPATED ROMANCE books for 2014
1,089 books — 3,136 voters
Breathe into Me by Sara FawkesRemember Me at Midnight by J.S. CooperRhett by J.S. CooperFinding My Prince Charming by J.S. Cooper
New Adult 2014 Releases
479 books — 1,340 voters

Two Worlds Colliding by Jani KayRyder by Jani Kay
Best Books of 2014
3,420 books — 5,876 voters
Interview with a Master by Jason Luke
Great Erotica by Men
236 books — 681 voters

Mine for Tonight ~ Simon by J.S. ScottRiding with the Cop by J.S. ScottThe Curve Ball by J.S. ScottHeart of the Billionaire ~ Sam by J.S. ScottMate of the Werewolf by J.S. Scott
Most Talked about Books on Facebook
961 books — 1,931 voters
Interview with a Master by Jason Luke
Best First Book by New Author
1,348 books — 3,393 voters

Interview with a Master by Jason Luke
The "Can't Wait" Books of 2014
1,992 books — 5,235 voters
Black Box by Cassia Leo
2014's Most Anticipated Kindle Releases
831 books — 1,062 voters

Starfire by Mimi StrongStarlight by Mimi StrongStardust by Mimi StrongShine Not Burn by Elle Casey
Funniest, Sexiest Books of 2013
121 books — 1,147 voters
Forever Broken by Jessica WoodBlack Box by Cassia LeoRhett in Love by J.S. CooperIllusion by J.S. Cooper
Can't Wait Books of 2014
2,421 books — 15,699 voters

Damian by Jessica WoodTaming Damian by Jessica Wood
Best Book Boyfriends
8,612 books — 26,561 voters
The Rebel Next Door by J.S. CooperForever Broken by Jessica WoodAbandon by Cassia LeoMelody of the Heart by Katie AshleyLove Unguarded by Tina Reber
Most anticipated books of 2014
2,190 books — 9,698 voters

If Only Once by J.S. Cooper
2014♥ cant wait!
966 books — 2,382 voters

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