Debut Author Snapshot: Gail Carriger

Posted by Goodreads on November 9, 2009
Goodreads Author Gail Carriger takes Victorian England's aristocracy and sets it atop the supernatural food chain in her Parasol Protectorate fantasy series, where vampires and werewolves are at the beck and call of the queen herself. Heroine Alexia Tarabotti is a proper but headstrong young lady with a dangerous secret. Goodreads member Alethea calls Carriger's debut novel, Soulless, a "stake-and-crumpets Victorian steampunk series" that's "part Charlotte Brontë, part P.G. Wodehouse, a dollop of Joss Whedon and just a dash of your favorite bodice-ripping author." We asked Carriger one special question and asked her to supply her best parasol snapshot. See more from her collection »

Goodreads: Prudish Victorian society labels protagonist Alexia a "spinster" at age 26. Why this chaste time period for a feisty heroine like Alexia?

Gail Carriger: I think Alexia, given her stalwart character and undeniably acerbic wit, needs something to struggle against, and an entire societal framework is a good start. She's peculiar in that she still acts quite the proper English gentlewoman and isn't inclined to buck the system. Yet by her very nature she is driven to unconsciously subvert it.

GR: You refuse to be pigeonholed. Soulless is a mixture of urban fantasy, steampunk, and biting comedy. Can you describe how you settled on this unique blend of genres?

GC: Simply put, it was the book I kept looking for and really wanted to read but no one was writing, so I figured I'd better do it myself.

GR: If you could spend one day in Victorian-era London, what would you do (and, more importantly, what would you wear)?

GC: I should love to visit the Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition displays housed there. I'd wear the appropriate day dress, probably something in teal velvet with hundreds of tiny buttons and a very outrageous hat.

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message 1: by Annie (new)

Annie Gail, I'm a big fan! I'm almost done with Soulless and have had such fun reading it. Congratulations, and I wish you much success with the series.

message 2: by Donna (new)

Donna Gambale I absolutely loved Soulless! I devour plenty of amazing books, but Gail's was hands-down the most fun to read.

message 3: by Diane (new)

Diane Rooney Congratulations on the profile, Gail! OK, I need a good escape from problems like moving and job hunt, so Souless sounds like just my thing!

message 4: by Cris (new)

Cris I enjoyed the mixture of elements in Souless, and I'm looking forward to reading more.

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Soulless made me laugh so many times and seems to be the most quoted book I've read on my kindle. Even Gone With the Wind didn't have as many frequently bookmarked quotes.

message 6: by Mary (new)

Mary Leek It's been years since I laughed out loud as often or as loud as I did when reading these books. Gail Carriger has a remarkable gift and I hope she writes a hundred books, but I don't know how it can get any better than this series.

message 7: by Maryanne (new)

Maryanne Just finished the Manga 3 I have all your books and wait for the next with baited breath AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Your books also make me laugh out loud and I get that look that husbands give their wives just before they place them in care LOL.Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant New Year

message 8: by C.R. (new)

C.R. The Finishing School series is wonderful! Haven't laughed so hard while reading in a long time! Can't wait for the next installments...keep them coming!

message 9: by Sunny (new)

Sunny Lee I loved the Parasol Protectorate series and can't wait to read your other series.

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