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The power of word of mouth
Nothing sells books like word of mouth, and nothing gets people talking about a new title like Goodreads Giveaways. Many Giveaways winners write reviews, building early buzz and visibility for your book.
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Riverhead Books
“Goodreads played a major role in helping The Girl on the Train break out to early success. We knew that getting early reviews from Goodreads members would be critical. Once the word of mouth started and readers got excited about the book, the social side of Goodreads amplified the buzz it was getting to astounding levels."
- Kate Stark, Riverhead Books Marketing Vice President

Create awareness
Your Giveaway will be featured throughout Goodreads, raising the visibility of your books. When people enter your Giveaway, your book will show up in the newsfeeds of their friends and followers.

Bella Andre
“My Giveaways on Goodreads have not only gotten lots of entries, but they’ve definitely increased the shelvings of my books by new readers and fans."
- Bella Andre, author of The Sullivans Series
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Build interest in your book
Giveaways get people to mark your book as Want to Read, a powerful social signal to the Goodreads community. People who mark your book as Want to Read are automatically notified of future Giveaways.
Get reviews and more
Winners may review your book, helping other readers to make a decision to check it out. Non-winners may go on to buy your book.

Hugh Howey
“Quality and consistency. I kept producing the kinds of stories that I wanted to read. Word of mouth did the rest."
- Hugh Howey, author of Wool Omnibus
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Ends With Us
“I started running Goodreads Giveaways when I was a self-published author to bring attention to my first book, Slammed. Now we run them in conjunction with my publisher to get the word out about new books and to get pre-publication excitement going.”
- Colleen Hoover, author of Confess
It's simple to get started
Focus on your craft. Whether you’re a self-published author or a publisher, getting started is simple.
A trusted tool of authors and publishers
Many of the biggest authors and publishers in the world have successfully used Goodreads Giveaways
to drive awareness of their books
What authors are saying
Nir Eyal
“Goodreads Giveaways have been a great tool to help me find new readers and engage my fans. When Goodreads tells everyone who has added my book (and my followers) that I’m running a Giveaway, it spreads the word about my book in a really powerful way.”
- Nir Eyal
Author of Hooked (Nonfiction)
Colleen Hoover
“…Authors who are considering Giveaways should definitely go for it—so many new readers come to the table, and the entries are always exciting to see! More and more readers add a new book to their shelf and it’s incredibly helpful to be able to then follow up to alert them that a book is either out or available at a discount.”
- Colleen Hoover
Author of Confess (Fiction)
Marissa Meyer
“One of my favorite things about Goodreads Giveaways is how it allows me to connect with readers. I receive many copies of my books from my publishers—including those in foreign languages—and I’m not always sure what to do with them. Being able to offer them as Giveaways allows me to put those copies to good use and establish more of a connection with readers and fans, especially those who aren't always able to attend book signings or events.”
- Marissa Meyer
Author of Cinder (Fiction)
Macmillan Pengiun Random House Simon and Schuster Hachette
Giveaways Programs
The buzz about your book starts here. Whether you're marketing your first title or launching the next best-seller, there's a Goodreads Giveaway that's right for you.
What you need to get people excited about your book. A great choice for most books.
  • Your giveaway will appear on the book page and the giveaways section of Goodreads
  • Goodreads will email your followers and readers who have marked your book as Want-to-Read
  • Entrants mark your book as Want to Read to enter the giveaway
More discoverability and the chance to communicate directly with entrants.
Get all the benefits of a standard giveaway plus:
  • Premium listing on the Giveaways section of Goodreads
  • Personalized email sent to everyone who doesn't win the Giveaway