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Kindle Book Giveaway
Goodreads delivers books to winners
  • Instant delivery means winners can start reading your book sooner
  • Give away up to 100 copies with no book cost or shipping hassle
  • Available to publishers and self-published authors who use Kindle Direct Publishing
Print Book Giveaway
You mail books to winners
  • A do-it-yourself option to get print books in the hands of readers
  • Ideal for giving away a small number of copies to readers
  • Available to all publishers and authors
  • Now offering targeting for U.S. and Canada marketplaces
Frequently Asked Questions
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Who can give away Kindle books?
Currently, publishers and self-published authors who use Kindle Direct Publishing can run Kindle book giveaways for books they publish (authors will need to connect to their KDP accounts).
How are print books delivered to winners?
At the end of the entry period, Goodreads will randomly select your winners and send you their addresses. You’re responsible for sending copies to winners within two weeks (please take printing and shipping costs into consideration when running a print book giveaway).
Can I run a Kindle book giveaway before the book is published?
Yes. Just make sure you’ve uploaded the book (either an ARC or final copy) to the Kindle Store and that the book exists on Goodreads before you create a giveaway for a Kindle book.