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Lyrebird Hill
To Name Those Lost
Fatal Impact (Dr. Anya Crichton, #7)
The Ambitions of Jane Franklin: Victorian Lady Adventurer
Into That Forest
Shadow Of The Thylacine: One Man's Epic Search For The Tasmanian Tiger
Lost Voices
The Last Tiger
The Black War: Fear, Sex and Resistance in Tasmania
When the Night Comes
Bay of Fires
Poet's Cottage
A Bone of Fact
The Sound of One Hand Clapping
English Passengers
Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish
Blank 133x176
Van Diemen's Land
James Boyce
Death of a River Guide
Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania's Forests
In Tasmania: Adventures at the End of the World
Past the Shallows
The Narrow Road to the Deep North
For the Term of His Natural Life
The Hunter
When the Night Comes
Wildflower Hill
Tasmania's Convicts: How Felons Built a Free Society
The Secret River by Kate GrenvilleA Town Like Alice by Nevil ShuteThe Light Between Oceans by M.L. StedmanPicnic at Hanging Rock by Joan LindsayOscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey
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Yuval Noah Harari
The few survivors were hounded into an evangelical concentration camp, where well-meaning but not particularly open-minded missionaries tried to indoctrinate them in the ways of the modern world. The Tasmanians were instructed in reading and writing, Christianity and various ‘productive skills’ such as sewing clothes and farming. But they refused to learn. They became ever more melancholic, stopped having children, lost all interest in life, and finally chose the only escape route from the moder ...more
Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Richard Flanagan
Tracker Marks was of a different opinion. Though he seemed more white than a white man, he had no time for their ways. For him his dress, his deportment was no different than staying downwind in the shadows of trees when hunting, blending into the world of those he hunted, rather than standing out from it. Once he had excelled at the emu dance & the kangaroo dance; then his talent led him to the whitefella dance, only now no-one was left of his tribe to stand around the fire & laugh & ...more
Richard Flanagan

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My Fair Game
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'Terra Nullius'
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