Muscovy (also known as the Grand Duchy of Moscow (Великое Княжество Московское), or the Grand Principality of Moscow), was a late medieval Rus' principality centered on Moscow and the predecessor state of the early modern Tsardom of Russia. ...more

The Master and Margarita
Dancing with Bears (Darger and Surplus #1)
Tomorrow Will Come
The Russians
Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire
Eugene Onegin
Blank 133x176
The Ladies of Saint He...
E.M. Almedingen
The Treasure of Siegfried
The Ringed Castle (The Lymond Chronicles, #5)
King Sigismund of Poland and Martin Luther by Natalia NowakowskaBetween Lipany and White Mountain by James R. PalmitessaRescue the Surviving Souls by Adam TellerKith, Kin, and Neighbors by David A. FrickThe Oxford History of Poland-Lithuania Volume I by Robert I. Frost
Early Modern Eastern Europe
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Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Russia will never be really civilized, because it was civilized too soon. Peter has a genius for imitation; but he lacked true genius, which is creative and makes all from nothing. ... His first wish was to make Germans or Englishmen, when he ought to have been making Russians; and he prevented his subjects from ever becoming what they might have been by persuading them that they were what they are not.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract

Norman Davies
The formula Muscovy + Ukraine = Russia does not feature in the Russians’ own version of their history; but it is fundamental.
Norman Davies, Europe: A History

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