Books that are set in Hungary.

The Girl with the Golden Scissors
The Idiot
The Enlightenment of Bees
A Crime in the Family
Travel Light, Move Fast
Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming
The Habsburg Empire: A New History
Miasto uśpionych kobiet
The Manhattan Project
The Names Heard Long Ago: How the Golden Age of Hungarian Football Shaped the Modern Game
Orbán: Europe's New Strongman
Via Carpatia. Podróże po Węgrzech i Basenie Karpackim
Memento Park
Twilight of Empire: The Tragedy at Mayerling and the End of the Habsburgs
The Door
The Invisible Bridge
Journey by Moonlight
The Melancholy of Resistance
They Were Counted
The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie: Three Novels
Iza's Ballad
War & War
The Paul Street Boys
Az ajtó by Magda SzabóA gólyakalifa by Mihály BabitsEgyperces novellák by István ÖrkényJourney by Moonlight by Antal SzerbSorstalanság by Imre Kertész
100 Hungarian Books to Read
35 books — 10 voters
The Paul Street Boys by Ferenc MolnárKatalin Street by Magda SzabóThe Door by Magda SzabóThe Invisible Bridge by Julie OrringerThe Songs We Hide by Connie Hampton Connally
17 books — 6 voters

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan KunderaThe Bass Saxophone by Josef ŠkvoreckýA Tomb for Boris Davidovich by Danilo KišThe Door by Magda SzabóPossessed by Witold Gombrowicz
Central European Novels
12 books — 2 voters
Anna Karenina by Leo TolstoyBroken April by Ismail KadareThe Teacher of Cheops by Albert SalvadóThe Sandcastle Girls by Chris BohjalianThe Confusions of Young Törless by Robert Musil
Read Around Europe
54 books — 1 voter

Den store Gatsby by F. Scott FitzgeraldFarvel til våpnene by Ernest HemingwayOg solen går sin gang by Ernest HemingwayKlokkene ringer for deg by Ernest HemingwayProsessen by Franz Kafka
Den Gule Serie
93 books — 2 voters
King Sigismund of Poland and Martin Luther by Natalia NowakowskaThe Oxford History of Poland-Lithuania Volume I by Robert I. FrostJews in Poland-Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century by Gershon David HundertGod's Playground by Norman DaviesThe Northern Wars by Robert I. Frost
Early Modern Eastern Europe
8 books — 1 voter

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Margaret McMullan
Life without tears is like goulash without paprika.
Margaret McMullan, Where the Angels Lived

Angela Kiss
Have you ever heard the Hungarian national anthem? No? Good for you! I wouldn’t recommend it at all. Unless you are looking for inspiration for your suicide attempt. If it is not just an attempt but you are deadly serious about your suicide then I strongly recommend you not only read the lyrics but listen to the music too. The most mournful funeral song sounds jolly compared to it. Other nations have inspiring anthems like ‘God Save the Queen’ or the ‘La Marseillaise’ or ‘The StarSpangled Banner ...more
Angela Kiss, How to Be an Alien in England: A Guide to the English

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