Books written during or set in the Edwardian era.
The Edwardian era in Great Britain is the period following the Victorian era, covering the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910. It is sometimes extended beyond Edward's death to include the four years leading up to World War I.

The Second Mrs. Astor
The School Mistress (Emerson Pass Historicals #1)
Murder at Morrington Hall (A Stella and Lyndy Mystery, #1)
Death Around the Bend (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries, #3)
Death Beside the Seaside (Lady Hardcastle Mystery #6)
The Burning Issue of the Day (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries, #5)
The Fatal Flying Affair (A Lady Hardcastle Mystery #7)
Between Earth and Sky
Murder at the Piccadilly Playhouse (Cleopatra Fox Mysteries #2)
The Husband Hunters: Social Climbing in London and New York
The Dark Heart of Florence (Lady Emily #15)
Uneasy Lies the Crown (Lady Emily #13)
Singapore Sapphire (Harriet Gordon Mystery, #1)
In the Shadow of Vesuvius (Lady Emily #14)
Death of a New American (Jane Prescott, #2)
A Room with a View
Howards End
The Secret Garden
Snobbery with Violence (Edwardian Murder Mysteries, #1)
The Wind in the Willows
Peter Pan
Think of England (England World, #2)
The Children's Book
The Governess of Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides, #1)
Hasty Death (Edwardian Murder Mysteries, #2)
Proper English (England World, #1)
Sick of Shadows (Edwardian Murder Mysteries, #3)
Our Lady of Pain (Edwardian Murder Mysteries, #4)
Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)

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Eve.” He placed himself in front of her again. “We can’t have any more than today, but we can have today.” “What are you suggesting?” Eve’s pulse raced, wildfire in her veins. Marcus gripped her by the shoulders, his mouth opening ravenously on hers, and then he broke the kiss as suddenly as it had begun. “For today, at least, we could pretend we have each other, and no one else. No demands, no promises to keep.
Sherri Browning, Thornbrook Park

Barbara O'Neal
I imagined a ball, visitors coming in from all over England, or perhaps a house party. Most of my idea of old houses had come from Downtown Abbey, and I imagined women in delicate Edwardian dresses headed for dinner, ropes of pearls and rubies looped around their thin necks. As if to accommodate my vision, I opened one of the doors to find a peacock-themed room, redolent with the fading colonial era.
Barbara O'Neal, The Art of Inheriting Secrets

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