Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a future setting that tends to focus on society as "high tech low life" featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as information technology and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.

Cyberpunk plots often center on conflict among artificial intelligences, hackers, and among megacorporations, and tend to be set in a near-future Earth, rather than in the far-future settings or galactic vistas found in novels such as Isaac Asimov's Foundation or Frank Herbert's Dune. The settin

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Bang Bang Bodhisattva
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Red Team Blues (Martin Hench)
House of Gold
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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
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The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer
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Cryptonomicon (Crypto, #1)
Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology
All Tomorrow's Parties (Bridge, #3)
Bumper Crop by Joe R. LansdaleBeyond the Aquila Rift by Alastair ReynoldsOn The Use Of Shape-Shifters In Warfare by Marko KloosLucky Thirteen by Marko KloosA Second Chance at Eden by Peter F. Hamilton
Love, Death + Robots
15 books — 4 voters
Gene Mapper by Taiyo FujiiThe Wandering Earth by Liu CixinBLAME! MASTER EDITION 2 by Tsutomu Nihei
3 books — 1 voter

I, Robot by Isaac AsimovDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick2001 by Arthur C. ClarkeNeuromancer by William GibsonThe Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein
Best Books on Artificial Intelligence
348 books — 550 voters
Neuromancer by William GibsonSnow Crash by Neal StephensonDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. DickReady Player One by Ernest ClineCount Zero by William Gibson
Best cyberpunk books
195 books — 467 voters

Him by Sarina BowenUs by Sarina BowenRed, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuistonBreakaway by Avon GaleTry by Ella Frank
Bisexual MM Fiction
242 books — 123 voters

Tade Thompson
Maybe humankind was meant to be sick from time to time. Maybe there is something to be learned from illness.
Tade Thompson, Rosewater

Neal Stephenson
To condense fact from the vapor of nuance.
Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

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