Creation Science

Creation science or scientific creationism is a branch of creationism that claims to provide scientific support for the Genesis creation narrative in the Book of Genesis and disprove or re-explain the scientific facts, theories and paradigms about geology, cosmology, biological evolution, archaeology, history, and linguistics.

The Lie: Evolution
The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and Its Scientific Implications
The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings
The New Answers Book 1: Over 25 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible
Taking Back Astronomy: The Heavens Declare Creation and Science Confirms It
The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!
The Answers Book: The 20 Most-Asked Questions About Creation, Evolution & the Book of Genesis Answered! Revised & Expanded Edition
Starlight and Time: Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe
The Astronomy Book
It Couldn't Just Happen (Classical Conv): Fascinating Facts about God's World
Darwin on Trial
A Flood of Evidence: 40 Reasons Noah and the Ark Still Matter
Dinosaurs: Marvels of God's Design: The Science of the Biblical Account
Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
Dinosaurs, the Lost World & You
Debunking Human Evolution Taught in Our Public Schools by Daniel A. BiddleDistant Starlight and the Age, Formation and Structure of the... by Roger PearlmanTorah and Science Alignment by Roger M. PearlmanThe Darwin Effect by Jerry BergmanThe Work of His Hands by Jeffrey N. Williams
Young Earth Creation Books
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The Lie by Ken HamAmazing Dinosaurs Designed by God by Kyle ButtIt Couldn't Just Happen (Classical Conv) by Lawrence O. RichardsTwenty Evolutionary Blunders by Randy GuliuzzaFossil Forensics by Jerry Bergman
Creationism Books
104 books — 3 voters

The Case for a Creator by Lee StrobelThe Origin of Species by Charles DarwinDarwin's Black Box by Michael J. BeheWhy Evolution Is True by Jerry A. CoyneLife—How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or by Creation? by Watch Tower Bible and Tract...
Creation vs. Evolution
206 books — 91 voters

Ken Ham
An all-out attack on evolutionist thinking is possibly the only real hope our nations have of rescuing themselves from an inevitable social and moral catastrophe.
Ken Ham

Furthermore, a cell has no ability to improve its basic function. Bacteria that becomes resistant to antibiotics are still bacteria. Fruit flies that develop mutations are still fruit flies. Moths that change color are still moths. Birds that develop longer and shorter beaks are still birds. Therefore, one organism has no natural ability to change into another organism. (chapter 10)
Eric Bermingham, Creation vs. Evolution: What Every Catholic Should Know

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