Books in this genre are set in or about Cameroon.

Behold the Dreamers
How Beautiful We Were
The Poor Christ of Bomba
A Long Way from Douala
Walking on Cowrie Shells: Stories
La Saison de l'ombre
Mount Pleasant
Mission to Kala
Cameroon with Egbert
Les impatientes
Your Madness, Not Mine: Stories of Cameroon
The Innocent Anthropologist: Notes from a Mud Hut
A Zoo in My Luggage
The Blunder

Christelle Nadia Fotso
I think like an American, love like a Latina and fight like a Cameroonian.
Christelle Nadia Fotso

Sahndra Fon Dufe
I AM NOT about making movies that would be forgotten. I want to make ONLY timeless classics. I don't care if it takes me ten years ...more
Sahndra Fon Dufe

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