The Bolsheviks, originally also Bolshevists or Bolsheviki (derived from большинство, literally meaning "one of the majority") were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) which split apart from the Menshevik ("Minority") faction at the Second Party Congress in 1903. The RSDLP was a revolutionary socialist political party formed in 1898 in Minsk to unite the various revolutionary organisations of the Russian Empire into one party.

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Orlando Figes
The Provisional Government had lost effective military control of the capital a full two days before the armed uprising began. This was the essential fact of the whole insurrection: without it one cannot explain the ease of the Bolshevik victory.
Orlando Figes, A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924

Garth Risk Hallberg
Three’s all you need to change the world. Look at the Bolsheviks, or the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Garth Risk Hallberg, City on Fire

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