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The outbreak of war at sea between the German and British navies extended the conflict to yet another front, where in February 1917 a critical escalation was brought about by Germany’s declaration of unrestricted submarine warfare. All merchant ships in the northern Atlantic – whether carrying military or civilian cargoes – were declared to be targets of the German submarine squadrons. The purpose of this offensive was to paralyse Atlantic shipping and to isolate Great Britain economically by cutting off its inexhaustible supply of commodities from over the seas. Th

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Georgi Plekhanov
… I am disappointed by the events of the last days [October 1917] not because I do not desire the triumph of the working class in Russia but precisely because I pray for it with all the strength of my soul…. [We must] remember Engels' remark that there would be no greater historical tragedy for the working class than to seize political power when it is not ready for it. [Such a seizure of power] would compel it to retreat far back from the positions which were won in February and March of the pr ...more
Georgi Plekhanov, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918 - 1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, Books I-II

Megan Linski
She leads me to a parlor room, where tailors are pinning up a white, lacy gown, with long sleeves and a layered skirt, made in the style of the year 1917. The same year the Romanov Empire fell. At their request, I slip it on and step on a stool in the middle of the room. My throat clenches when I gaze into the golden mirror. I’m a living impression of Empress Alexandra, wife of Nicholas II. I look like I’ve stepped out of the black-and-white pictures and transported myself to another time.
Megan Linski, Court of Vampires

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