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Posted by Louise on April 27, 2011
Did you notice something new on your Goodreads homepage? We got rid of the 'groups' tab and replaced it with a 'discussions' tab. In that tab, you'll see recently updated groups you're in as well as topics about books you've read.

The change is to promote more discussions about books since we're all crazy about books here.

For members who are only interested in group topics, or only in book topics, there's a filter at the top right (below the 'discussions' tab) that will show only one, the other, or both.

The topics about books is still being worked on, so in the meantime, members may see topics about books they've read long, long ago.

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message 1: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin I mentioned this in a "contact us" form, but mentioning it here as well in case the contacts are ignored for awhile...

Basically, your webmaster or someone updating the website screwed up during an update.

From the main giveaway page

Every single link on the side redirects incorrectly. As a result, they all bring up: (showing 0-0 of 0)
Sorry, it looks like there are no active book giveaways.

For example, science-fiction should go to:

Instead, it goes to:

So basically, someone needs to go back and re-add the ?name= to the module or individual links to make them work correctly.

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol Fereday i think your site is real informative, i usualy read murder/thriller books but have found Rebecca Shaw and her village tales which are a very funny and easy read, ive sat many an evening andn burst out laffing with her . She is perfect for a bit of light reading after all the dark

message 3: by Lissa (new)

Lissa The discussion topics are unclear - or I can't find one about this. I want a "genius" bar for members where books are recommended to me that are similar to what I like to read - or have read? I would prefer that the source of recommendations be someone OTHER than a friend as we communicate with our friends already. I would like to hear from someone new about recommendations in my reading taste bracket.

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