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Posted by Otis Chandler on October 12, 2010
Facebook deprecated profile boxes a few months ago, so last week we updated the Goodreads tab on your Facebook profile to be much cleaner, include a lot more fun data, and to generally be a better way of showing off your favorite books.

But then over the weekend we read that Facebook is now deprecating profile tabs! So our change was done in vain, and after Facebook deprecates them we don't have a good recommendation on how to show off your favorite books on your Facebook profile.

Actually wait - we do! You can use the Like button.

If your Goodreads account is connected to your Facebook account, the Facebook Like button will appear on all book pages, below your review and rating.

Clicking the Like button will automatically add that book to the favorite books section of your Facebook profile. Presto!

We are still a little puzzled why Facebook is removing all the cooler, more visual ways to show off your favorite books, but you will have to take that up with them.

To add Dune as a favorite book on Facebook, you just click like:

And then it will appear on your Facebook profile:

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message 1: by Jeremy (last edited Oct 12, 2010 05:11PM) (new)

Jeremy Oh the pain of Facebook's moving API, I haven't enjoyed developing anything on Facebook, not even once...

message 2: by Petra-masx (new)

Petra-masx I would imagine they are doing it because they want more and more links to external sites rather than content on-site. They want to know where everyone goes. 'Like' buttons track people. Marketing decision.

message 3: by Peter (new)

Peter What about creating a goodreads box on the left hand side of profiles in Facebook? It looks like those are still allowed by applications.

message 4: by Marcus (new)

Marcus Lira Just one comment regarding the integration between goodreads and facebook: whenever goodreads updates my status on Facebook, it says something like the following...

"John Doe on page 91 of 984794874 of the Bible, by God"

Wouldn't it look more grammatical if you added a verb? For example:

"John Doe is on page 91 of 30983098 of the Bible"

Nothing major, but definitely looks better...

message 5: by Leslie (new)

Leslie I just wanted it as a tab on my page, because I liked it! grrrr.

Διόνυσος Ελευθέριος Ever since last night, I haven't been able to see the Facebook like button on the individual book pages. Is this problem confined to me? Or is it system-wide?

message 7: by Ali (new)

Ali Korkor Dereck wrote: "Ever since last night, I haven't been able to see the Facebook like button on the individual book pages. Is this problem confined to me? Or is it system-wide?"

I can't find it either :(

Διόνυσος Ελευθέριος Ali, the link is now on the bottom right of each individual book page. (There's also a twitter link now too.)

message 9: by Ali (new)

Ali Korkor I found them Yeppieeeeeeeee
Thx Dereck

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