June Newsletter!

Posted by Elizabeth on June 16, 2009
This month in our June Newsletter we spoke with authors Lisa See and China Miéville, two fantastic writers with distinct cultural perspectives.

Whenever we interview an author, I have to admit that I’m always the most curious about their response to the question, “Any unusual writing habits?”

It seems like such a mundane thing to ask, but somehow their answers always surprise and inspire. Over the past two years we’ve seen a variety of techniques: Elmore Leonard writes by hand on lined paper; Jodi Picoult writes while her children are at school; Dan Simmons wakes up as late as he can because” that’s one of the few, great benefits of being a writer.”

On the logistics side, we had two major features debut this month. "Following", which allows members of Goodreads to “follow” a member rather than “friend” them, makes it possible to keep track of even more book recommendations from people we respect, admire, or simply find intriguing.

In order to improve our ability to find new books, we also revamped the book search page, parceling out genres and creating our own take on the New York Times Bestseller list. Goodreads members can search by year, month, and even look into the future to see which books are generating the most buzz.

We also got “In Bed” with Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout, and Dave Cullen and Janelle Brown are hosting author chats. There are also tons of book recommendations this month in Movers & Shakers.

And don’t forget to check out the monthly poetry contest partnered with the group iPoetry!. You can read this this month's winning poem here.

Happy Reading!

P.S. What’s next? A huge new feature that I have been bugging the tech guys about for nearly six months! You’ll have to wait and see, but I promise you’ll like it.


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