I was invited on a fam to South Africa and one of our in-between-safari stops was to a private pre-school sponsored by Walthers DMC. Walthers along with some corporate sponsorship has built some classrooms and there are some toilets, but without running water to flush or wash hands. There are minimal desks, and one computer for the management, but they are without books, stationery (writing paper), pencils, or real learning tools. They are without a lot of other things we very much take for granted. There are also many orphans who this school supports and educates and they need, well...everything.

Thus, my request. Would you be willing to work with me on providing some small elements to make this a better world for these hundreds of students now and for the future. If everyone who reads this would contribute even $5, so much could be done for them. If you are an individual with a child that has grown out of its clothes, would you consider boxing them up and sending them to me to ship?

Money, clothing, books, educational toys, crayons...all needed.

I hope you will join me in making our one world come closer. You can send things or money to me (and I will collect and send from all of us), or you can send to daryl@walthers.co.za who has an account set up for the school or you can email the school direct, and I will include more information on them below:

The school email address is sam-nzima-educentre@lightmail.co.za Ayah is the headmistress. The school is currently known as Sam Nzima Educare Centre,but with the expansion (the new classrooms we built and the new high school up the road) the education department has allocated a new name Ezweni Combined School which is what it will be known as in future.

Contact me at amichaels@extraordinaryevents.net if you can help!

Thanks for just considering it.

All the Best,
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