‘Honors of Mettle’

‘Honors of Mettle’
~An Honorary Doctorate~
Just Browsing A Link From Brother Doctor Gregory V. Boulware
Deacon Ron Gray, ‘Black In America’
I was just browsing a link from Brother Doctor Gregory V. Boulware pages of Boulware Enterprises The World In Words” today when I ran a cross this powerful statement of thinking of the races just 80 years ago and I would like to open this to the floor for discussion.

Ancient Hebrew History

There are those who know it all. There are those who know absolutely nothing but boast to the contrary. Haven’t you met people who know everything about anything and everything about everybody? This author was encouraged and influenced by many reputable artists and authors; but none so much as the “Self-Published Afficianados!” So if you are considering publishing an article or book, I would encourage you to do all the necessary research and practice along with a practical observance of others before you and publish, publish, and publish some more.
…Conventional publishing as opposed to ‘SELFIES?’

“Self-Promotion is essential to the self-published author as much as it is to conventional authors who are promoted by their publishers.”

Many authors of yesteryear were basically self-published. They didn’t have a real choice in the matter. There wasn’t money to pay professional printers to publish and promote their messages. William Still and many other self-educated pioneers did “Selfies” to get the word out to the community. Many “Free-Press” operations were self-published authors and promoters in their own right. They got the word out without the generalization of professional printers, publishers, or promoters – they did it themselves. Many of these “Grass-Root” groups did have some equipment that aided in their publishing endeavors. Others simply relied on supporters who had the know-how. Either way, the word got out to the intended audiences – and they did it their way.

I have attempted to bring to light; the forefront and put forth the real and most dangerous threat, as did Brother Samuel Yette, that always seems to rear its ugly head. And the writing is on the wall just as it has been all along, Right in front of our faces - right under our noses! Are we really as unintelligent as they think we are? It's proven for those most unfortunate souls who refuse to come in out of the "Black-Rain," the poisonous spit that comes forth from those who truly hate us because of the color of our skin! It's more than the color - It's The Power! The Power of Truth, Justice, and Who Is Truly The Master!

You Are The Master Of Your Own Destiny As God Is The Inner Entity To Which You Should Be Paying Homage...The Vessel Containing Your Soul! The Temple Is The Human Body! It Houses The Godly Spirit Within!

‘The Honor of Being Dubbed Dr. Gregory V. Boulware!'

…This is a great Honor and Generous Recognition by an Esteemed Gentleman, Scholar, Colleague, and Friend…Deacon Ron Gray
#GoodvEvil #Maafa #Sankofa #BlackLivesMatter

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"From blog to blurb," Mr. Boulware has come to produce, mitigate, and provide a myriad of postulating books, articles, and essays for public and private consumption. Simply referred to as 'erudite' by his many readers, fans, and critics, this sagacious author in his natural propensity, moves thought provoking subject material with well graced laxity and modulation over many networks, websites, and social media.

‘Of Stadia Grapha Demesne’
(The Surveyance of Personally Written Owner-Authorship)
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“The soul needs a body to fulfill its mission on Earth…the purpose and meaning of the REAL You!”

“The Quality of wit is more important than the Quantity of wit!”

The coming years will bring new opportunities and challenges, we are up to the tasks at hand and in the future…

“A qualified man with vision, unmoved by daily selfish interests, will be led to right decisions by his conscience. In general, a man who knows from whence he comes and where he is going will co-operate with his fellow human beings. He will not be satisfied with merely doing his ordinary duties but will inspire others by his good example. You are being watched by the nation and you should realize that you will satisfy it if you do good; but if, on the contrary, you do evil, it will lose its hope and its confidence in you.

...Although the toils of wise people may earn them respect, it is a fact of life that the spirit of the wicked continues to cast its shadow on this world. The arrogant are seen visibly leading their people into crime and destruction. The laws of the League of Nations are constantly violated and wars and acts of aggression repeatedly take place... So that the spirit of the cursed will not gain predominance over the human race whom Christ redeemed with his blood, all peace-loving people should cooperate to stand firm in order to preserve and promote lawfulness and peace.”
~ Lij Teferi Makonnen, a.k.a., Haille Sellassie~

Thank You!
…And From Any and Everywhere In The World!

Peace and Love,


The Spirit of the Soul and the Death of Morals
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