Character Interview

SI= Slut Ivy
FI= Feminist Ivy
J= Jacade

SI and FI have cornered J at a party.

SI= (sauntering up to J at the party) Well hello there...

FI= Oh stop it. (slapping SI in the arm)

J= (chuckling) Hello, ladies. I was wondering when you’d track me down. How are you both this evening?

SI= (racking eyes over J) Much better now.

FI= (glaring at SI then whispering to her) Can you hold it together for this interview or not? We have a job to do.

SI= (whispering back to FI) He can hold me together...

FI= (rolling eyes) Can we ask you a few questions for the fans?

J= (grinning) Of course. Anything for you ladies.

SI= (muttering) Anything? Imagine the possibilities.

FI= (clearing her throat and pulling out her phone to record) Okay, Dr. Jordan. Let’s get started.

J= (Unbuttoning his suit jacket) Please, call me Jacade.

SI= (biting bottom lip) Can I scream it instead?

J= (laughing and taking a sip of his scotch on the rocks) I hope you do.

FI= (looking up at the ceiling) You’ve got to be kidding me...

FI= (sighing at both of them) Anyway... the first thing all the fans want to know, when is the next book coming out?

J= You’ll have to confirm with M.K. but I believe it’s August 2015.

FI= Are you excited for the Book Two release?

J= Yes, I am. It’s strange to have your life put down in words for everyone to read, but our story is pretty epic. So, I understand the attraction.

SI= (twirling a piece of her hair and gawking at J) Me too.

FI= What’s with your rivalry with Viktor?

J= (placing a hand in his pocket) Our rivalry has grown over the years. There’s no way I could get through it in our short time frame here.

FI= Could you give us a little idea?

J= Sure. Viktor and I have always had conflicting values. I guess it’s more that I have morals and he doesn’t.

SI= (blurting out quickly) Have you ever been a Dom?

FI= (looking at SI) Oh my god, seriously?

J= (laughing) Wouldn’t you like to know...

SI= I would!

J= (his tongue darting out to wet his lips) Mmmm.

FI= Getting back on track here, what--

SI= What would you tie us up with?

FI= Hey! We have questions to get through! That question is not one of them.

J= Whatever I wanted to.

FI= What do you look for in a woman?

J= A sense of humor, strength, and intelligence. And damn, I’m a sucker for some serious curves on a woman (shaking his head slowly with his dimple appearing)

SI= (hitting FI in the arm and muttering) Did you see that adorable dimple? I’m wet and dripping onto the floor. Grab me a napkin.

FI= (whispering to SI) He’s standing right in front of you, moron. Even if you speak your thoughts quietly, he can still hear you.

SI= No, he can’t.

J= (pulling his handkerchief out of his suit jacket and handing it to SI) Yes, he can.

SI= (blushing) Oops. My bad.

SI= Wait... is this the same handkerchief that you used on Ivy?

J= (leans in and whispers) Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. (winks and takes a sip of his scotch).
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