The Redcakes Cast of Characters Cheat Sheet

His Wicked Smile is the 3rd in what is currently a 5-story long historical romance series. If you are starting in the middle of my series, I thought a character list of the main players might help you get up to speed!

Gawain Redcake:  hero of His Wicked Smile. Once a soldier, now in business importing tea and herbs from India

Ann Haldene:  heroine of His Wicked Smile. A widowed, half-Indian innkeeper

Alys Redcake Shield, Lady Hatbrook:  Gawain's twin sister, heroine of The Marquess of Redcake, owner of Redcake's Tea Shop and Emporium

Michael Shield, Lord Hatbrook:  hero of The Marquess of Redcake, hails from Sussex

Lord Judah Shield:  brother of Lord Hatbrook, hero of One Taste of Scandal

Lady Judah (Magdelene Cross):  heroine of One Taste of Scandal

Lady Elizabeth Shield:  sister of Michael and Judah, heroine of The Kidnapped Bride (Redcakes #4)

Matilda and Rose Redcake:  Alys and Gawain's younger sisters

Sir Bartley Redcake, Lady Redcake:  Alys/Gawain/Matilda/Rose's parents

Lewis Noble:  cousin to the Redcake clan, hero of Christmas Delights (Redcakes #5)

Manfred Cross:  Magdalene's younger brother

I hope this list helps! Please let me know if any additional information, or characters, would be of help.

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Published on May 14, 2014 14:10
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