Eugene’s Silicon Shire: The tech (and beer) are better here

Yes, Virginia, there are tech jobs in Eugene. Learn more about the Silicon Shire at »

Yes, Virginia, there are tech jobs in Eugene. Learn more about the Silicon Shire at »

It’s a common lament that there are no jobs in Eugene, especially no tech jobs. Many people think they have to go to Seattle, Portland or San Francisco to find a job in the tech sector.

And you know what? They’re wrong.

“I’ll take the Silicon Shire over the Silicon Valley”

Eugene got tired of this naysaying, especially Cale Bruckner, Vice President of Technology for Concentric Sky, a Eugene company. He came up with the Silicon Shire concept on the way back from a business meeting in San Francisco.

“I was looking out the window as we came into the valley on our approach to the Eugene Airport, and thought to myself—I’ll take the Silicon Shire over the Silicon Valley any day of the week,” Bruckner said. “The green trees, the river, and the natural beauty reminded me of the Shire described in the J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.”

After that, Concentric Sky cooked up the Silicon Shire website to show all the opportunities in Eugene for jobs and careers in the IT sector.

Hardware Development Company
Software Development Company
Gaming Company
BioTech Company
Tech Services Company
Digital Creative Company

While the company and job listings are great, it’s just as vital to see that Eugene is also tops for craft beer opportunities too. After all, where would innovation be without a healthy dose of IBUs?

“Even graduates often leave without knowing there are opportunities in the area.”

“The Eugene-Springfield area supports a great technology community,” Bruckner said. “There are a lot of really successful technology businesses here. The community, and constant stream of talent from University of Oregon and Oregon State University, make this a great place for technology businesses. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of people that know that. Even graduates often leave without knowing there are opportunities in the area. As a community, we need to let the world know we’re here. I felt like putting a catchy name on the area would be the place to start,” Bruckner said.

You can also check the site specifically for companies currently hiring—a list that’s growing all the time.

Learn more about the Eugene Silicon Shire, events/mixers and more

Silicon Shire
Eugene-Springfield, Oregon is the Silicon Shire – Ann P. Hoang
Twitter @SiliconShire
Facebook – Silicon Shire

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Go to the Silicon Shire »

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