The Dahut Morgen is an Ocean Explorer Class Superyacht based on the the Bray 42 meter Ocean Explorer Superyacht design:

The Ocean Explorer

Differel owns this ship outright, rather than leasing it from the government as she does one other ship. She bought it around the time she first met Team Girl, thinking of using it to conduct ocean-borne reconnaissance and investigation for the Caerleon Order, but discovered that there were few times when she could actually use it, so she could not justify keeping a crew on hand but idle. But without an available crew, she couldn't put it to active use, resulting in a catch-22. As such, she mothballed it until she could decide what to do with it.

After she met Eile and Sunny, however, and acquired the services of Dr. Mabuse, one of the first things the mad scientist did was install one of her artificial brains in the ship and convert it to full automation, with support from her robots. Now Differel can take it out whenever she wants. On top of that, Mabuse installed one of her direct-conversion nuclear generators, which converts radioactivity directly into electricity. The ship is entirely electrically driven and doesn't need to refuel for decades; it's only limit to how long it can stay out is how much food it can carry. Finally, Mabuse gave it an electromagnetic propulsion unit, though it also has an electrical motor as a backup.

She carries on board an AgustaWestland AW109 helicopter modified with pontoons for water landings, as well as a Zodiac boat and two jet skies.


Dimensions (approx.)
-----Length Overall 137′-10″
-----Length Waterline 124'-2″
-----Beam 32′-10″
-----Draft 9′-0″
-----Displacement (S.W.) 750,000 lbs.

-----Hull Construction Steel
-----Superstructure Construction Aluminium
-----Class ABS, MCA

-----Fresh Water Capacity 5,000 US gal.
-----Grey & Waste Water Capacity 1,500 US gal.
-----New & Used lube oil storage 100 US gal.
-----Jet Fuel 6,320 US gal.

-----Main Engines (electromagnetic) 2000 HP
-----Backup (electric) 2 x 700 HP Intermittent rating
-----Watermakers (reverse osmosis) 2 x 1,000 US gal. per day

-----Direct-conversion Nuclear Generator 1000 MWe
-----Fuel Cells 200 MWe

-----13 knots cruising
-----15 knots full
-----17 knots maximum

Stability (half loaded, intact, estimated)
-----Positive righting arm past 160 degrees
-----Downflooding point past 60 degrees
-----GM = 4.5 ft.
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