All week, Midlife Mouse has been hovering in the #10-20 range in the list of Kindle bestsellers for satire. It has also been consistently featured as one of the "Hot New Releases" in satire, alongside the likes of satirist Carl Hiaasen and Helen Fielding in her pre-sales for the next Bridget Jones title.

In fact, we keep jockeying back and forth with the titular Ms. Jones in the rankings. We think it's time to put her and her Zellwegerness in their proper place: behind Midlife Mouse once and for all. (And don't even get us started on that pesky Kurt Vonnegut, what with all his many titles...)

Here's the problem: we want to be able to call Midlife Mouse a "bestseller." In order to justify that, we need photographic proof, and the best way to get that photographic proof is to push it up to the top-6 of Kindle bestsellers in satire. (That way, I can capture the header reading "Bestsellers" and the book cover in the same shot. You know what, it's a composition thing; don't even worry your little head about the details.)

So, here's how you can help us get there: buy the book. It's that simple! As we've mentioned before, the book is only $1.99 now through June 14 on the Kindle Store.

"But I don't own a Kindle," says you.

"Not a problem," says we. (And by "we," I mean the royal we. It's just me, Wayne, typing these things. It's not like I have a sweatshop full of blogging minions to handle these posts for me. What do I have, Vonnegut money?)

Of course, you could always add Kindle books to the Kindle Cloud Reader in your browser and onto your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and other such format-agnostic devices. However, you can now even add them to your NOOK. As fellow author -- of the brilliant Zombie Bible series -- Stant Litore pointed out, you can now install Google Play on the NOOK, allowing you access to a world of apps ... including the Kindle app for Android. Here's a little more on that.

So step up, and spend less than the cost of a gallon of gas for 97,000+ words. We even put them in a right nice order for you. They tell a story and everything.
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