My study, which once only contained things related to writing,...

My study, which once only contained things related to writing, has, since my shoulder surgery, metamorphosed into a rehabilitation clinic. I used to instantly remove anything extraneous, like newspapers or magazines, from my study. I used to remove ballpoint pens that had inadvertently migrated there- I don’t like writing with ballpoint pens.
Since my surgery, I have had to live with the accoutrements of rehabilitation, weights, bands, an arm pedaling machine. I didn’t even know you could pedal with your arms. For months I have been so focused on recovering the use of my right arm that none of the clutter bothered me.
This morning, I said to my very good physiotherapist, Ben Gold, a young Australian, that the extra stuff in my study was driving me mad. This made me realize that if I could feel so irritated by the mess in my study, I must be much better. And I am.

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Published on May 01, 2013 08:25
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