What does YOUR writing space look like?

The View Inside My Writing Space

I suppose my writing space is not that unlike those of other authors. Well...maybe that’s not entirely true. I do most of my writing in my office at home, a modest room with burnt orange walls adorned with my most treasured baseball memorabilia, highlighted by a beautiful 16X20 black and white Cooperstown signed photo of Ted Williams which hangs right over my desk. I have other unique items in the room as well, including game used spikes signed by Tony Gwynn, an autographed Sports Illustrated cover celebrating Hank Aaron’s 715th home run and two Shea Stadium seats that I acquired after the Mets shut down the old place. There’s lots more as well - other baseball items from seasons past that are imbued with memories that always make me smile.

The true story of Frank Nappi the author, however, probably lies in a careful analysis of my actual work area. My desk is essential to my existence as a writer, as it houses my Mac, keyboard and printer. This oversized walnut flat top is also littered with a cornucopia of items, some of which you would expect any author to possess - practical articles germane to the writing process, like pens and pencils, a clock, an old fashioned dictionary, and other office supply “stuff” like paper clips, tape, staples, etc. Although in this technological age most of the actual
work that goes into writing a novel occurs on computer, there are times when those traditional items come in handy.

Those items, however, share the space with others that hover, I suspect, in the realm of the idiosyncratic. These more colorful articles cluttering my desktop, the ones which really provide a glimpse into the world that is my writing space, include a tiny wooden Hemingway House replica I bought while in Key West, a 12 inch Batman figure, a New York Met Bobblehead, San Diego Sno Globe, lots of loose family photos and a F.Scott Fitzgerald magnetic finger puppet I received as a gift. An I-Pod loaded with every song every produced by the likes of Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean and a few others is also just a hand’s reach away, when the moment calls for a little diversion or inspiration as it were.

It is quite an odd amalgamation of “things” but it’s my space and it works for me!
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Published on November 24, 2012 05:30 Tags: frank-nappi, writing-space
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