JoyceMeyer: When we give God complete control over our lives, our joy increases and we can enter His rest.

JoyceMeyer: When we give God complete control over our lives, our joy increases and we can enter His rest.
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Published on October 10, 2012 04:45
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Joe Woods In regards to reading your quote that happiness is not a feeling, it is a choice. Can't it be both? And how is it not a feeling? Don't you think it's a little foolish to make such broad generalizations about something that is different for you than it is me or anyone else? Have you maybe considered the dynamics of the conscious and subconscious mind are actually very complex for everyone alike?
This is what I believe and know to be true for me:

"Some people would like to believe happiness is something we lose and find through the choices we make. The truth is the only thing we lose is sight of who we are and mostly because of the choices we've had to make"

Intrigued? All experiences are subjective as well including spirituality. We can label and define happiness no more than we can label our religion. Labeling is just your way of finding what works for you, unfortunately one size doesn't fit all. My personal feeling at the time is that people like you (joyce Meyers) who are vocal about their spirituality and also might be motivational speakers is that you are very knowledgeable and in touch with your beliefs and that you get enjoyment from expressing these beliefs and or advice. At the same time however, this is simply what best works for you. Joyce are you aware that their are many followers out their that believe someone who isn't upbeat and smiling all the time (such as yourself) that they simply aren't in touch with God? I know this is ridiculous but it's at the heart of this discussion. The truth is that nothing has to happen for you to feel good.
- Anthony Robbins.
I'm sure you have heard of this man.
Would you agree we are perfect just the way we are?
Many choices are made in life (for some) but happiness is simply not a choice joyce. Some people will suffer their entire life with horrible mental ailments or mood disorders. Wouldn't you say it's hard to comment on the dynamics of their conscious when you wake up to a different circumnstance? I'm not indicating life has been easy for you or anyone, but some people need an outlet that they can grow in. You have found one. Some people grow with education. That's when I get what I call "happiness". Well, I had to comment. Hope this has been informative as well as opened your mind to some new ideas. Thank you Joyce. I would like to add Joyce, that I know millions of people see you, I'm not trying to discount the amount of help or direction you might have given people.

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