The Stray

She looked weary and worn

Her stomach bloated

Having just given birth

She lay in the rock garden

Over summer-roasted stones

Calmly contemplating

I sat down at the glass doors

And slowly opened them

So to not give her a fright

I cooed and called out to her

Cautiously she heeded my voice

And doubtingly made her way t’wards me

Two slices of bologna I tore

And fed to her piece by piece

She glanced up at me

With her big, green eyes

Every time she came near to take a bite

So afraid was she

Yet through all her fear

Through all her doubt

She remained graceful

She was of lowly status

Perchance this was her biggest meal

The most food she had ever known!

Four slices of bologna

Two small fish and some cheese

A shallow cup full of cold water, too

In all her lowliness

In all her lack of glory

She held her head high, gracefully

She moved with the flow of honor

And dignity; I called her into my home

But she wouldn’t dare put her paws on my floor!

She looked at my floor, then she looked at herself

And thought herself not worthy to step inside!

But still, she held her head high!

Grace and dignity clothed her

From the tip of her tail to her paws

Her big green eyes so beautiful

She ate until she could eat no more!

Her kittens called to her from behind the fountain

Her face so small, expressed so much gratitude!

The cat did not think herself of great stature

She did not see herself to be of so much worth

But she knew grace and dignity

But she knew gratitude

Oh all the people who ought to be like this cat...

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved worldwide.
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