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Is freedom of speech more important to you compared to freedom from hunger and poverty? Do you feel you have neither progressed nor fallen backwards over the last 5 years? Compared to 5 years ago, do you feel it is becoming more difficult maintaining your lifestyle? If your answers are yes, you are probably one serious middling.

Middlings live among us but essentially feel apart from it all. We often ask ourselves this: “Are we not as happy as those who are much better off in this world?”

Middling Industries launches a free app which allows users to rate just how middling one is. Download this simple and functional app and take part in the middling quiz. Find out if you are one serious middling and share your result with your friends. Get to know more about Haee and the other middlings, watch book trailers and buy books on this app. Available for download for iPad, iPhone and Android users.

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Published on August 14, 2012 00:48 • 83 views

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